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City Council Appointments

Dear Editor,
 I wish to thank the Carolina Beach City Council for the time and energy they spent researching and qualifying candidates applying for the open council seats vacated during 2012.  
Extensive phone and face to face interviews were conducted by council members utilizing time taken from both their personal and professional lives to properly evaluate the candidates.
Carolina Beach citizens should recognize that sixteen candidates were willing to invest personal time towards the opportunity of improving the quality of life and investments of their fellow citizens.
I also wish to thank all those who on my behalf provided unsolicited written support to council persons in order to assist them in making their final decisions.
I am fortunate to have many friends who believed in my qualifications, integrity, and ethics, and that were willing to publically voice support for my appointment to city council.
Lastly, in response to previous inquiries presented regarding my residency and voting eligibility, I would like to provide some clarification and history to support my eligibility. In November 2012 close friends encouraged me to apply for appointment to one of the open council seats based on their belief that my experience in business operation, finance, and strategic planning, would serve my fellow citizens in Carolina Beach well. At this time I was registered to vote in New Hanover County and submitted a voter registration change immediately to reflect my address in Carolina Beach. While the timing of this change might have appeared suspect to many, my change in domicile could have been made legally some time ago.
My rationale for not acting on this change in a prior year is too complex to discuss in this correspondence. I have owned property in Carolina Beach and paid property taxes since May of 2002, and the home listed on my voter registration card was purchased in September of 2010. To those who questioned my residency qualifications related to this appointment, persons who know me well will attest that since moving to the Wilmington area in April 1993 my personal life and recreational interests have been centered at Carolina Beach. In support of my connection to Carolina Beach, please recognize that my daughter attended Carolina Beach Elementary, both my grown children played in the Pleasure Island soccer league, we shop for groceries on this island, and when not working you will either find me on my boat, or at our Canal Drive home. Historically, my father after returning from WWII during the late 1940’s even waited tables at the original Ocean Plaza Building Ballroom.
In closing I would like to encourage my fellow citizens to fully support the current and newly seated council, and allow these individuals to spend their time providing solutions and guidance as opposed to dealing with non-productive controversy. I am personally looking forward to the guidance and vision that this council can bring to positively impact the lives of the citizens of Carolina Beach.
Douglas B. Andrews
Carolina Beach, NC