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Council Making Bad Decisions

Council, Editor, Others,
We do not need tattoo parlors/studios at Carolina Beach. Period. If I read correctly the Gazette dated 1/9/13 there was a 3-2 vote by Council on 1/8/13 to allow a Tattoo Parlor in Pleasure Island Plaza where there is a Real Estate office, Law office and Insurance office. etc.
Should this not ring a bell in folks on Council minds that a Tattoo Studios/Tattoo Parlor  would seem out of place in Pleasure Island Plaza and will in all probability affect the businesses that presently reside there and may bring the price of Real Estate down and not up. Not to mention the image this may project. I can not believe Mayor Pro Tem Shuttleworth who is a Real Estate Broker and our newly appointed (less than 6 hours in office) Mayor would go against P&Z recommendations and vote to allow such a deal that highly concerns other businesses yet they did. Carolina Beach has historically turned Tattoo establishments down and now with 3 votes out of five they are being allowed. 3 members of this present Council apparently are trying to reinvent the wheel without the image of Tattoo Parlors being changed. Newly appointed Councilman Bridges may have hit the nail on the head when he said it is a matter of perception. We have been a long time changing the image/perception of C.B. to something that is more desirable to our Town image, its residents and tourist trade and in the stroke of a pin this may have been undone. If I remember correctly newly appointed Council lady Smith who also voted to allow Tattoo Parlors in our Highway business district stated previously she remembers the time where C.B. was not a place you wanted to go yet she and 2 others vote to maybe send us back to times when the image of Tattooing was less than desirable. I would prefer to wait until the perception changes to more favorable before we allow Tattooing anywhere in C.B.  Council members should not be gambling with our image now that it has changed for the better to please any business or businesses at the expense of others including the Town as a whole. Three folks on Council voting to allow Tattoo Parlors in my mind  have started the New Year off for us on the wrong foot. Mayor Pro Tem Shuttleworth made a spill about "are we discriminating now between a permanent and temporary tattoo", temporary tattoos are for kids and are inexpensive and not usually purchased by grown men. How many full grown men have any of you ever seen with a temporary tattoo? Would any of the three folks that voted to allow this want Tattoo Parlors in a Plaza that they owned a business in?  I think not but yet they voted to allow this to happen to someone else namely everyone in Pleasure Plaza and who knows where else this finally reaches. If ten more tattoo parlors come to town wanting to set up shop it will be hard to not allow them to do so now that the door has been opened. I do not put Tattooing on the same level as law offices, insurance companies and 2 real estate offices. I have continually harped in the past about poor decision making by Council members but this Tattooing deal don't make any sense at all and may even be the start of carrying our Town backwards once again. This poor decision-making may even match Councils voting to spend our money on a site plan ($30,000.00 designated for that purpose for their proposed idiotic, exotic, Aquatic Center before they initiated a survey to see if this was even wanted. If this deal is built the interest alone on this loan will top $250,000.00 over the stated 20-year finance period if the originators of this deal can get a 3% interest rate. Councils Aquatic Center is another of those deals like the smoking ban on our beaches of Council giving us what they want us to have before and without substantial input. The Island Gazette survey sponsored by the Gazette on their website concerning the Aquatic Center 1/10/13 stands at 53% for an Aquatic Center and 44% against hardly a mandate to spend a million+- dollars. Have a good day.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC