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Parking Problems For Aquatic Center

Editor, Others,
I have to wonder whether our Council has given any thought by what was said  to them by the chairman of their Aquatic Center committee at a Council update as to a solution to the parking problem this center may pose if built at the intended site at Town Hall.
As was reported to our Town Council the "TOWN" is exploring overflow parking at a neighboring Church North of Town Hall to facilitate busier events such as "swim meets".This Church just expanded on its property to meet its own needs and our Town exploring for any offsite parking for a million +- dollar project is ridiculous. Where is the proper planning for all the parking that must fit into the Aquatic Center equation?
Exploring to find offsite parking on property belonging to other folks is ridiculous for the simple reason swim meets are being proposed as major revenue sources to pay for this deal with financing to last 20-30 years.
Can you believe the "Town" as was described would even think about imposing on its neighbors for any parking at all? If built on this concept, imposing on Church neighbors could go on for many years for no other reason than improper planning before hand.
This ain't a deal of if built it will be here today and gone tomorrow, so all parking "must"go into this deal before hand or not build this pool at the stated site. Why would anyone grasp for straws and propose to explore such a deal that imposes on neighbors to meet needs because all of the parking was not included in the original concept/plans? This tells me that there may not be enough parking for this deal in the first place.This is another on a long list of valid reasons not to build this 1.5 million+- dollar deal. At least at Town Hall.
Council was told at the very beginning of this deal that the total package including future increases minus financing would be $737,000 now we are been told the cost with the bubble top and landscaping is a bit over 1 million dollars and with financing over 20 years, 1.5 million dollars. According to one member of Council to me the annual payments would be $75,000. Ridiculous to say the least and is not what our Town Council and its Aquatic Center committee needs to keep persuing for us and others not connected at all to C.B.
Now Concerning the 3,750 Aquatic Center survey forms that have been sent in water bills to users of our water system and another 400 delivered to for distribution to students to carry home to be filled out and returned to be included in this survey.
Since these forms were designed to not have any form of identification for accountability it would take a person with little to no smarts to believe that these extra 400 survey ballots are to be distributed to children at C.B. school that have parents that do not receive a water bill or live here.
Does that ring a bell or not? So in essence there are 400 survey forms floating around that can be filled out and returned to Town Hall and flaw this process with inaccurate results. This is not the way to conduct a survey and achive accurate results.The originators of this survey and maybe even the Council members who authorizes this mess may think so but you can bet the bank that the rest of us do not want a process that is flawed from the start on a 1.5 million dollar deal. When is this Council and its Aquatic Center committee going to devise a way to have accurate accountability results to be able to make sensible decisions on whether this high dollar Aquatic Center is wanted by us or not?
After all we should be the ones making the decisions of our wants and needs not them.
Is this another one of those deals of a Council giving us what they want or want us to have whether we want it or not?
 My suggestion is that this total survey be voided for lack of accuracy and accountability. As of 2/11/13 the Island Gazette survey which is the only survey that has given us up to date or any results lists 252 votes for and Aquatic Center, 209 against and 12 votes no opinion or translates into 53% for 44% against and 3% no opinion. Hardly a mandate to continue on a path of persuing a 1.5 million dollar deal. This survey can be found on the Island Gazette website. Have a good day.
D.A. Lewis
Carolina Beach, NC