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Council's Big Spending Ideas Have To Stop

Editor, Others,
In the Island Gazette dated 2/27/13 there is an article written by your Mayor concerning Council latest wish which is a new concept for our boardwalk using 1.4 million dollar grant money supposedly left over from the long gone Pier Project. This newest proposed boardwalk design to take to our legislators in Raleigh for approval is to try to convince them to move grant money from their defunct unfunded Pier Project to our boardwalk in a new project described as a "WOW FACTOR".
This is not going to happen because our State is beyond a shadow of doubt short of money and did not have the money to spend for their pier project when this grant was allowed.  If you believe our state has plenty of money for grants on things foolish or not such as rebuilding a boardwalk for us, ask anyone drawing unemployment whose check is proposed to be cut by our Legislature and Governor from $500 per week to $350.
C.B. elected officials apparently think our Town and State is rolling in money because Councils big money project wishes have not even slowed down much less stopped. Time to change elected officials, you bet-cha.
Our legislature in Raleigh will not approve this grant transfer and in all probability will do away with this grant once and for all when asked to move it because its original purpose has long since passed.
We heard a song and dance a while back of Council proposing to have this same money moved (which I have my doubts even still exists) into building an Ocean Front Park which we could not afford. This so called grant money that is being talked about was in the amount of 1.4 million dollars but the kicker of the grant was that C.B. had to put up $900,000.00 to be able to receive this money. Every time we hear about a new project from elected officials there is always talk of grant money that they will seek. Grant money is not free money or easy to get for foolish things regardless of what some would have us believe.
Money is also short everywhere except at C.B.
If anyone doubts this statement they need to attend a Council meeting where organizations one after the other seeking funds from our new budget year before our pressing needs present themselves, these folks present their request to Council for funding for Boardwalk makeover, Fireworks, Movies, Music from our Chamber of Commerce - which is a business in itself courtesy of our big spenders on Council. Out of all the wants and, I HAVE DOUBTS OF THE NEEDS,  of this crowd our Senior Center who deserve all the funds they receive is probably the most deserving organization seeking funds.
Taxpayers need to keep their eyes on this proposed Boardwalk project because even if grant money is moved and approved Council will still in all probability need the original $900,000.000 of TAXPAYER FUNDS to go with it. There is also always the possibility that a majority of this Council will use all taxpayer money and do this or any project their big spending hearts desire because they control the spending of our money and do not need our consent. I believe there are far more meaningful and important money issues facing our Town and its money than an Aquatic Center, Boardwalk improvements, and Dingy Dock just to name a few. Somewhere in this equation money is going to have to be had for land for our Operations Center, future Beach Renourishment, Inlet Dredging and last but not least necessary pay raises for our employees.
These are just few of the things going on in C.B's very big picture future.
This Councils wishes and pet projects are far bigger than our pocketbooks can afford. And their thinking of ways to SPEND OUR MONEY on high priced projects that our taxpayers cannot afford has got to stop. Have a good day.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC