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Monday morning quarterbacking on pool presentation

Dear Editor,
I want to acknowledge my appreciation for the comments and guidance provided by former Mayoral Candidate Dan Wilcox in his letter to the editor.
Dan makes some good points as to where the voice of the opposition was in the presentation on the pool, delivered by the volunteer committee last month at the Council meeting. I am sure these observations and concerns were arrived at  in part from lessons he learned from his own experience serving as the previous Mayor Pro Tem.
After all, he spearheaded the famed pier project, which must have provided untold opportunities for public outreach and gathering public input.
I am sure former Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox, prior to voting  to spend over $4,300,000 of tax payers money, insisted that council appoint a citizen-lead committee to investigate the feasibility of the project and the long-term impact it is now having on the taxpayers. I am sure Dan insisted that there were multiple public forums and Council hearings to gather public input, or multiple polls taken to gauge support both for and against these projects.  
Clearly hindsight now shows Dan that the process he lead, spending tens of thousands of dollars of Tax payers money on one glamorous marketing renderings, and plans for the fabled pier project, and then tens of thousand more dollars on attorney’s fees to set up a holding company, without airing any dissent opinion, was a mistake. After all,  we citizens are still paying for that lesson.
 “Frankly there was nothing about the (sic) pier presentation that offered an equal platform for public input.” Yes Dan, I would agree that manipulated presentations or the lack of any meaningful public presentations don't do well to build public trust.  That must have been one of the lessons he learned when debating the purchase of the $200,000 lot on the 1700 block of Carolina Beach Ave North, for the phantom "Gazebo Project". The lot, of course, is virtually  unbuildable and nearly worthless, and the motives behind this purchase still bring winks and nods when discussed. 
We continue to suffer the consequences  from all the manipulated and hidden costs of Dan's well-vetted projects.  However, in all fairness, Dan did hold public hearings on the road diet, but then promptly ignored the public outcries against it. The rest is Carolina Beach traffic jam history. 
In aggregate, I don't recall numerous public forums, hearings being held or polls being taken on many of Dan's projects. With that said, I do appreciate and agree that public hearings and presentations presenting  opinions both for and against Council-driven and public driven projects, are important. This Council will continue to solicit and encourage public comments from all sides on issues.
 Steve Shuttleworth
Carolina Beach
Mayor Pro Tem