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In May, Gazette contributing writer, Charlie Allo, wrote an article touching upon terrorism. He wrote about Muslims, Islam and our Congress. I was surprised that no one followed up to tell him he’s right, wrong, so what, or who cares.  We had better care for our sake, our kids, and our grandkids.  WAKE UP AMERICA!
Certainly not all Muslims, believers in the religion of Islam, or fundamentalists are bad just like not all politicians are bad. Only a small percentage of any group is bad but the media sells the bad more than the good. However, that small percentage often sullies the 80-90% that are good.  Often the very young or the extreme judgmental label teachers, parents, adults, and peers and then ask why God allows bad things to happen in school or the world.  They forget that during their education God wasn’t allowed in schools.
Recognize that a lot of domestic and international labeling is political, racial, or religious. In recent years traditional religious Judeo-Christian holidays have been put down under the guise of separation between church and state. Hitler, atheists, and the ancient Romans were good at that. So many Christians, so few lions. These are all forms of terrorism and often trump what’s happening in the Middle East.
In 2012, the US State Department reported that 11,098 persons world-wide were killed by terrorism and that 10 were Americans. I guess the Middle East doesn’t count. Some call this period of political and ideological upheaval “Islamic Fundamentalism”. They forget that Islam is the religion of 1.6 billion people and not many of them are militant jihadists.
Strict fundamental religious beliefs cause radical actions by isolated and resentful Muslim Islamic extremists. The freedoms afforded in the West may cause ideological confrontations, not religious deaths that are not allowed in Muslim law.  
Jihad, the Islamic rules for warfare, prohibits killing civilians, harming religious personnel or sites, destroying infrastructure and using indiscriminate weapons. Terrorism is actually prohibited. Another law states that men and women respect each other. The perverse Islamic jihadists distort their version of the Bible/Torah, called the Qur’an, (God’s Speech) to serve their own control purposes. Their interpretation makes the extremists religious faith the province of fanatics afraid of new ideas, the modern world, other interpretation of Scriptures, and any interaction with or contamination from other religions.
The perverse control freaks do horrible things to women, children and non-believers but remember they are not the mainstream of believers in Islam but a militant minority who, by instilling fear, wrestle control by scaring the majority.    
The bad part of this mess is the “PC” attitude of our politicians who disallow Christmas scenes, Easter celebrations, Stars of David yet approve of Islamic worship every Friday in NYC streets because their Mosque isn’t large enough for the increasing population. Know that most Muslims are not Arabs and that over six million Muslims live in the United States. The atheist pressure to separate church from state is most often directed at Christians because of the size and influence of their (dwindling) numbers. All religions should be respected that do not effectively violate/denigrate the beliefs of the others.
We pour money into Egypt yet President Morsi, a strict adherent to the oppressive version of Shir’ia law and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, plays both ends against the middle.  His military is about fed up with him and may soon take some action. Interestingly his wife’s best friend, Ms. Saleha Abedin, is the mother of Hillary Clinton’s ex. Traveling Deputy Chief of State, Huma Abedin, who is NYC Mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner’s wife. The Abedin political beliefs will come up in 2016.  
We probably will not see an end to the battles between the radical Shi’ite and Sunni sect members of Islam who disagree along many socio-economic-religious lines just as our historic religious lines did but at least we don’t kill each other any more. Islam began in the year 610 AD to confirm and correct the Scriptures given to the Jews and Christians. The proselytizing of Islam is aggressive and eventually, because of their birthrate and religious devotion, in my opinion, will overcome Christianity’s 2.2 billion people.
The Prophet Muhammad had every right to develop Islam but our politicians have no right to favor one religions freedom over another. Originally Islam, Jihad, and Shari’ah law were all very sane and, respectively, religious/honorable/Islamic law. However, its ideological reformer, Ali Shari’ati, whose ideas caused the overthrowing of the Iranian regime in 1979 which kicked the Shah out, put the Ayatollah Khomeini in, radicalized most Shi’ite (the minority sect) and some Sunni (majority sect) was born in 1933 and died two years before the revolution. He reinterpreted Islam, reversed the Westernization of Iran, and instituted the unusually strict laws we see instituted today in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and Syria’s leadership.
Today Egypt’s Morsi favors Shari’ah law but his people do not and Turkey’s Erdogan is trying to impose Shari’ah principles on people who object to it. Turkey has been secular since 1928 but a “semi dictator” could reverse that to institute strict Shari’ah law. To these Egyptian, Syrian, Turkish, Lebanese and Iranian leaders, religion and race are more important than democracy for control, religious, and financially self-serving reasons.
An awareness and thoughtful mentality needs to be top of mind in the USA to protect all popular, organized, religious beliefs, including virtuous Islam, lest the current favoritism for one over the other creates more terrorism on our shores. There is nothing inherently wrong with the Muslim colleges (Berkley, CA & Chicago, IL.) in the US or the Mosques being built but the increasing denunciation of Judeo-Christian holiday celebrations and freedoms will destroy this country.  The two groups in this world, proven, for thousands of years, that they have the patience to work & wait for their goals to succeed, are the Chinese and the Muslims. The rest of us need to duplicate their zeal.
Terrorists great achievement aren’t bombings but hijacking the debate, forcing the installation of Muslim prayer rooms to the exclusion of a non-denominational chapel in the workplace, segregating swimming pools, and accepting their religions rights, even if it’s an imposition, over another’s. Someday may we all accept the right to disagree yet maintain mutual respect for one another by not altering the others religion without a mutual and equally weighted compromise. We can all live in peace if we work at it. If not, beware of the consequences for our kids, grandkids, and our country.    
Joe Coen,
Kure Beach, NC