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Call me a political pundit or call me a concerned taxpaying resident

Dear Editor,
As I sit here and read both the article regarding the Dragon Boat Regatta and the Mayor's long winded letter to the editor... I asked myself this question.
If it were not an election year, would we be subjected to this type of political banter? 
The Mayor insists that he doesn't have to "pat himself on the back", yet over and over that was all I truly got out of this diatribe, that and the fact that we the public just have no understanding as to how Tourism Development Authority (TDA) funds work.  
While I believe the majority of us are in favor of events that generate tourism to our island, the problem does not lie with the Dragon Boat Regatta in theory. 
What I cannot appreciate is the improper channels of requesting/appropriating funds and communicating with the public. 
The Mayor is the chairperson of the regatta committee, he requests funds, he votes on see where I am going with this? 
I believe the Regatta could be a welcomed addition to events we host. It sounds like a lot of fun however, this event needs to be held up to the same standards as all the other events/groups the Mayor listed in his letter that have come before council.
So yes, when I see a notice for a special meeting with an agenda item for a $30K request for an event that none of us really know the details of, other than what can be read on their Facebook page, along with a 10 a.m. meeting time...yes I am going to ask why! 
As responsible citizens, we should all be asking these questions!
As the Mayor pointed out, this is an election year, so we will all do well to remember that experience and leadership are qualities we need to be looking for in our elected officials! 
So call me a political pundit or call me a concerned taxpaying resident...either way, I'm going to voice my opinions. 
Like them or not, I will step forward and call attention to what I see as improprieties in government.  
Deb LeCompte
Carolina Beach