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Swimming Pool; You gotta ask yourself...

Dear Editor,
The City of Wilmington has a pool open for only 5 hours on a Saturday during the heat of summer.  You gotta ask yourself, "Why is that?"  Why is it not open in the early morning hours for those tax payers who want to work out before going off to work?  Why is it not open until the sun goes down for those who want to swim away a rough day at the office?  The only answer is operating costs.  Building a pool is not a "Field of Dreams" situation where if the Mayor & the Town Council build it then people will come.  Sure, they might arrive at first because it would be new but just like the pool across the bridge; tough decisions will have to be made.  There will come a time where the pool is devoid of swimmers and only open for a few hours on a weekend during the heat of summer.  Eventually, the Mayor and the Town Council will have dug for us a big hole in the ground into which they are pouring our tax dollars. If the Mayor and the Town Council really want a swimming pool, then why don't they talk to the condo owners association for the pool located at Elton Avenue & Dow Road?  There has been a tarp covering that pool all summer long.  That association is obviously not interested in operating a pool that no one is using - again, you gotta ask yourself, "Why is that?"
Spending $165,000 of our hard-earned tax dollars is a lot better than several million.
Thank you,
Ken Conoly
Carolina Beach, NC