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Advertising Meetings So Public Can Attend

Dear Editor,
By the time we all get our copies of the Island Gazette this week, the Council will have voted on funds being requested for an event at a Special Meeting that takes place on Tuesday, October 1 at 4pm.  This meeting, like many others in the past few months, had almost no public advertisement, with the exception of being posted on the Town's Facebook page and sent via email to a select group of 30-50 recipients.  And again, it was scheduled for a time when most concerned citizens are unavailable to attend.
Several questions come to my mind.  1st) why are meetings continuing to be scheduled at times when the least amount of people can attend?  2nd) why are proper notices of meetings not being advertised so the public can plan to attend?  3rd) if council just voted to bid out parking, why are they meeting with Lanier?  4th) with only speculation that the funding request is related to the Dragon Boat Regatta (because no other information has been made available at the time of this writing), why would this be coming back to council?
Didn’t the Mayor announce at the August Council Meeting that a private investor was going to underwrite the event? And now, with only a few weeks remaining prior to the event, he is again wanting the taxpayer to fund this event?  5th) So, is the Regatta a Town event or not? If this is a Town event, when did council approve it? And who signed the contract and why can’t the public see a copy of the agreement?
More troubling is that fact that as of the day before the meeting, at least one of our sitting council members not only didn’t know what the funding request was for, they didn’t even know it was on the agenda. How can this be?
Questions, that we all need to be asking and I suggest that if you missed the Special Meeting on Tuesday, October 1, that you plan on attending the REGULAR Council Meeting on Tuesday, October 8 at 6:30 p.m. so you can voice your opinion.
Deb LeCompte,
Carolina Beach, NC