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Missed the Point!

Dear Editor,
I hope I am not the only who was shaking my head after reading Bob Lewis’ response to Ray Rothrock’s ad last week, where Bob confirmed he had also resigned from a four-year mayor’s term in Ohio, after only serving one-year. Probably not something that would have been of importance had Bob not made disparaging remarks in public about Ray when Ray resigned. You know what, I was mad when Ray resigned too!  I gave my vote to Ray, and I felt my vote was wasted!
Point is, sometimes you have to think before you speak, a concept our current mayor seems to struggle with. Had Bob just refrained from trying to make himself look better by insulting Ray, saying he is a quitter, and then claiming that’s something he (Bob) would never do, Ray would have had no reason to hold Bob accountable. And frankly, none of it would have been an issue.
Unfortunately, I too have been on the receiving end of Bob quick tongue, before he took time to consider the end result of his words. So in the end, Bob Lewis seems to have missed the point with his response to Ray’s article!  
As Bob admitted, regardless of the reason for either resignation, the end result was the same! Lessons of the day? Don’t throw stones when you live in the proverbial glass house! And never try and make yourself look better by making someone else look bad!
We live in a small community where most of us know each other in some capacity.  We all want what is best for our town.  We may not always agree on the how or what but, at the end of the day, we are all neighbors and we’ve been blessed to live in the wonderful community we ALL call home.  Personal attacks and spreading vicious rumors is not the way we expect anyone to act but, especially our elected officials!  Like it or not, you are held to a higher standard.  You chose to be where you are, respect it, and conduct yourself with dignity and honor.
Deb LeCompte,
Carolina Beach, NC