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Isn't There Anyone Who Knows What Christmas Is About...

Dear Editor,
On Mery Christmas Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown screams the question. "Isn't there anyone, who knows what Christmas is all about?" Linus says "Sure Charlie Brown, I can tell you what Christmas is all about", then proceeds to quote Luke 2:8-14.
After reading the (Dec. 18, 2013)  Island Gazette about the nativity displays. I think that question needs to be shouted out again; Isn't there anyone, who knows what Christmas is all about?
Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ! Jesus wasn't born on Christmas day. Jesus IS Christmas day. Think of it, did the people celebrate Christmas the year before Jesus was born? Any sensible person would say, of course not. Jesus's birth is the only reason we even have Christmas. Look at the first 6 letters of the word, CHRIST; can it get any clearer? Here's something to think about with this in mind. If you have to take down "religious" symbols or themes. You would have to take down all the other decorations, becuase they have nothing to do with the real meaning of Christmas! This would include the angels with trumpets that hang from our streetlights.
The artice mentioned about a clause the town has. I wonder if they mean Santa Claus?
I want to close with another thought. People don't complain abouts hearts everywhere on Valentines Day, bunnies with eggs at Easter, flags and firecrackers on the 4th of July, pumpkins and witches on Halloween, or even shamrocks and leprechauns on St. Patricks Day, why not leave the  "religious" symbols alone on Christmas!
If you don't like it, don't celebrate it. After all you ARE celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
Rev. Charles Hill,
Carolina Beach, NC