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Seismic Testing

Dear Editor,
I have been a resident of Kure Beach and advocate for sea turtles and our natural resources protection for over 18 years.  We are fortunate to live in a little piece of paradise because of these natural resources: our clean ocean waters, our fishing and our sea turtles, all of which provide the basis of our economy as well. I personally can attest to the many, many tourists who visit Kure Beach to watch and enjoy sea turtles nest and hatch on our beaches. Sea turtles, right whales and many other species are threatened and endangered today SOLELY because of MAN’s actions and disregard for effects on their environment. Seismic testing in the Atlantic Ocean is another stake nailed in their coffin! Frankly, I am personally a little sick and tired of hearing how many jobs and how great for the economy any issue today that politicians and greedy oil companies want to shove down our throats. It’s become a sure sign there is going to be danger to our environments.  
It just doesn’t make sense to harm the economy and resources we already have.  Perhaps we should ask some of the beaches in the Gulf how they feel about the “jobs” to clean the oil from their sand and shores.  
Today we should be able to do both, protect our environment and have clean, renewable energy with solar and wind for example.  The issue of seismic testing was not going to be decided at the Kure Beach Town Council meeting, although I hope that it raised awareness of the harm that will be done to all ocean animals, as well as our need to contact Washington, DC where the decisions will be made. I also hope this is a wake-up call to voters of Kure Beach how important it is that we can no longer allow elections with unopposed, unknown candidates.   But, I did hope and expect the issue of the wrong committed to the citizens of Kure Beach would be recognized and corrected.
It was disappointing and unconscionable to me that a letter in support of seismic testing was signed by the Mayor of Kure Beach without citizen input. 
Three council members, Mayor Lambeth, Mr. Pagley and Mr. Bloszinsky, did not think the residents of Kure Beach should have a say in this issue of national importance.  Three hundred citizens showed up at the meeting to tell them that they were wrong:  WE DO NOT SUPPORT SEISMIC TESTING IN THE ATLANTIC OCEAN.   Regardless of their personal opinions on the subject, the Council is elected to represent Kure Beach, and their actions should support the views of the citizens and voters.  If the Mayor intended to sign the letter as a private citizen, then he should not have included “Mayor, Kure Beach”.  That implies he is speaking for the town.   Therefore, the Council should have voted not only to withdraw the previous letter of support, but also pass a resolution stating that the Town of Kure Beach does not support seismic testing as was clearly demonstrated.
They had a chance to vote to correct their mistake; the residents and voters of Kure Beach will have their chance to vote at election time.
Judy F. Larrick
Kure Beach, NC