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Voice Opinion On Carolina Beach Streetscape Project

Dear Editor,
Next week, at the town council meeting, there will be a Public Hearing to discuss the first phase of the Streetscape project for Carolina Beach. As a resident, I wholeheartedly support the vision to encourage and promote a great place where people can safely ride bikes and walk in our town. As our federal, state, and local governments are trying to provide services with less money, we need to ensure our tax dollars are spent to get the most ìbang for the buckî. Unfortunately, the current plan to put a 10' wide multi-use paved path parallel to Clarendon Avenue is not the best use of our resources for the Streetscape Plan.
Our town manager, Michael Cramer, provided the estimated cost of the Streetscape Plan for Clarendon Avenue to be $585,000 dollars! This will be a 4 block path of the proposed 19 mile project throughout Carolina Beach. The initial estimated cost of the entire project was $6.7 million in 2011. At that time, the Clarendon Avenue project was $218,000. Who knows what will be the total cost to the tax payers for this the entire project?
After this project is complete, there will also be future maintenance costs. Currently, there is no money provisioned for maintaining this path.
A group of concerned Clarendon Avenue homeowners hope to make a presentation at the council meeting to discuss the necessity of this phase of the Streetscape Plan. If you are interested in ensuring your tax dollars are spent wisely as part of the Streetscape Plan, please come to the Public Hearing next Tuesday night and decide for yourself.
Thank you,
Ricky Niec,
Carolina Beach, NC