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Don't Be Gouged By Prescription Costs

Dear Editor,
I have lived on the Island for over 30 years, and never minded spending a little more at our local stores to keep the dollars on the Island, but what happened recently is outrageous.  I needed 10 anti biotic pills, which I ordered from a local major-name phamacy. When I went to pick them up they were $194.21.  So when I got home I called Costco, same 10 pills $16.71. Of course I went and picked them up, but since I had removed 1 pill from the unsealed bottle they refused to take them back. So if you live on a fixed income, as I do, or just don't want to be gouged, please get a price from Costco (you do not have to be a member). While we are very pleased with the employees who work at the local pharmacy on the Island, who have been very helpful, I won't be back in your store, nor will I spend  $1396.89 on prescriptions as I did this year.
Dee Jenzano
Carolina Beach, NC