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Represent The Few or The Many?

I believe our Council represents the entire town and what's best for all 6000 plus people. The evidence is the vote on the pool in light of the many infrastructure priorities ahead of it and the savings inevitable to the taxpayers who will foot the bill. There are many other examples but this letter is about one new issue, a new or expanded Recreational Vehicle site especially on Lake Park Boulevard.   
 We are blessed with the effort for beach revitalization, new underground piping, new boardwalk improvements including the entryway from Cape Fear Blvd., the plans to further improve Cape Fear.  All of these point to an improved town with visual proof to the visitors, residents, and future owners of property.  Why then would any reasonable person, unless one had a vested interest in a specific deal, vote for or approve the expansion of a highly visible RV site?  In a town dependent upon investments from tourists and future owners, continuing on the track of declining visuals on the main street, with values lower than the vast majority of traditional homes, if so anti-productive, anti-visual, anti-tax revenue, that it's a direct reversal of the improvements we're making due to wiser decisions you all have made.
Troy, the owner of the RV business is the only person with the vested interest, excluding the RV owners,  and he is a great guy, a good lawyer, a person I had the privilege to work with on past town committees. However, expanding the RV locations on either his existing venue or on one of the Lake Park properties that are up for sale, would be detrimental to the revitalized town we/you have developed.
We are succeeding in improving our long past, less than stellar reputation of a second rate place to visit compared to two other county beach towns.  Please, let's continue to improve by being aware of the impressions we make on the main streets of our town.  Right or wrong, "books are judged by their covers" whether we like/approve of it or not.  Changing the locations of RV parks or any other distracting visuals help the town and preserve the tax rewards by building enticing main street businesses. Help Troy and his renters to appreciate another location wherever that may be. 
Joe Coen,
Kure Beach resident, Carolina Beach business owner.