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Fulfill Promise: Eliminate Council Benefits

Dear Editor,
Some residents/voters in Carolina Beach have not forgotten a campaign promise made by a majority of this Council that if elected they would vote to discontinue free town paid health and dental insurance for all elected officials of Carolina Beach. This has not happened to date. What has happened is after our election was over and things settled down, two of your newly elected Council members Mayor Wilcox and Council lady Pierce signed up on the Town insurance policy making four out of five Council members forcing taxpayers to pay for this insurance given to themselves by themselves by our budget regardless of a campaign promise to do away with this nonsense placed on our citizens.
We (meaning more than just me) expected this issue to be settled by a majority agreeing to not fund this insurance for our upcoming budget year at our budget workshop on June 6th, but that is also not what happened. Instead a compromise was made to benefit themselves and not taxpayers to not do away completely with Town funded insurance but to require elected officials to pay only 20% and tax payers 80% of $467.00 per month per member for this insurance and to not fund anymore insurance for elected officials dependents.
Council voting themselves a 3/4 loaf on a compromise does not do away with this insurance as promised. Council voting themselves Health and Dental insurance and forcing the cost on taxpayers when a vast majority of Towns and Cities in N.C. will not even allow elected officials to subscribe to their Towns insurance policies is nonsense and an unwarranted expense on taxpayers.
Seats of elected officials are viewed as Public Service seats. Council's action puts them in the way of seeking to be paid employees and not public servants.
This must stop. No one on this Council could find a part-time job that would pay them a small salary and benefits of $467.00 per month for insurance for themselves and a $250.00 per month car allowance in a Town of less than 6,000 people and only three miles long and one mile wide.
Council's action with a compromise in no way fulfills a promise of doing away with this insurance.
Now to make this issue right for taxpayers, this Council majority still has an obligation to us and must do a turn-around on their previous
action and vote for absolutely no funding for Council's insurance for themselves. This is expected of you and nothing less than keeping your campaign promise made is acceptable.
It will be interesting to see how much credibility this Council is willing to lose before they make the right decision of not putting themselves before taxpayer concerns.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC