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Opposed To Boardwalk Extension

Dear Editor,
 The purpose of this letter is to express my opposition to the extension of the Carolina Beach Boardwalk.  In the latest edition of the Island Gazette, the article, "Council hears Boardwalk Project Update:  Project to start Sept. 2014" it states that Mr. Averette expressed opposition to the project.  Please be advised that there are many people that are opposed to the project including myself.  I am a property owner of two condominiums at the Cabana De Mar and am deeply concerned about the negative effects of the Boardwalk extension.  Attached please find a copy of my letter to Mr. Braxton Davis, Director, Division of Costal Management explaining the issues.
Thank you for your courtesy.
Michael Murphy
The following is the letter Murphy sent to the State:
Mr. Braxton Davis
Director, Division of Costal Management
400 Commerce Ave.
Morehead City, NC 28557
RE: Carolina Beach Boardwalk Extension
Dear Mr. Davis,
The purpose of this letter is to voice my concerns regarding the extension of the existing Carolina Beach Boardwalk that is currently under consideration. Please be advised that I am writing as a homeowner of two condominiums in the Cabana De Mar complex, #216 and #409, located at 222 Carolina Beach Avenue North, Carolina Beach, NC 28428.
This letter should be construed as an expression of opposition to any Boardwalk extension, either North or South, of the existing Boardwalk currently in place. After reading my concerns below I believe that you will see the concerns are valid and the extension is not the right thing to do. Please review my concerns as follows:
1. This project will severely affect property owners at the Cabana De Mar Condominium complex. There are 76 individually owned units affected by the boardwalk extension. Of major concern will be:
A. SAFETY: Increased issues of vandalism and property trespassing will become an issue and result in loss of privacy and security. This proposal will bring loitering on boardwalk sitting benches, noise, increased foot traffic, litter and trash all in front of a private development.
B. ELEVATION & WIDTH: As proposed, the elevation of the boardwalk has the potential to block the ocean and beach view of homeowners on the first floor. The width of the proposed boardwalk will increase foot, bike and skateboard traffic thus increasing further security and noise concerns to the 76 individual Cabana property owners.
C. LITTORAL RIGHTS: The property owners at the Cabana do maintain littoral rights and fully expect the immediate access and enjoyment of their oceanfront property with unobstructed views of the beach and ocean.
D. PRIVATE PROPERTY ISSUES: The boardwalk extension brings many issues to Cabana homeowners.
The need for increased security, possibly guards, locking gates, privacy fences, moving of current beach access and so on and so forth which all needs to be paid for…and at who’s expense?
E. LIGHTING: The lighting on the boardwalk will likely obstruct views of homeowners and cause a glare effect.
F. INSURANCE: Information was requested and received from the Cabana Homeowners Association insurance providers related to damage to our property from storm related debris. Our insurance provider stated that, per Cabana’s HOA letter dated April 23, 2014, our property would not be covered from damage inflicted by water driven debris in the instance of a major storm or hurricane.
As you can see, this raises serious questions about a 16 foot wide structure running the length of the property and the impact it could have on our property. Additionally, the Town of Carolina Beach will have no liability or obligation to cover any damages resulting from their structure.
At this point in my life, as a retired person, I am unable to gamble with insurance companies not covering damage to my property. I am willing to bet that my fellow homeowners would agree. In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for listening to my concerns regarding this project. Because I believe that this structure will have a significant negative impact on the homeowners of the Cabana I am asking that you do not support this project and vote NO. Again, thank you for your time and consideration.
Respectfully submitted:
Michael Dean Murphy
Owner, Cabana De Mar Units