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Oppose Carolina Beach Boardwalk Extension

Dear Editor,
Updating the existing boardwalk at Carolina Beach in September may be needed, but we join our voice with many other property owners north of the existing Carolina Beach boardwalk to OPPOSE ANY EXTENSIONS sandwiched between our existing properties and the ocean.  It seems like a bad idea in general to further deface the natural beauty of the Carolina Beach dunes and wildlife habitat, especially with a wooden highway 16 feet wide, lighted all night which will likely lower property tax valuations for the city.
There is already a paved road and sidewalk with multiple beach access points to accommodate tourists on one side of our Cabana condominium and that of other property owners.
Why is an additional wooden road on the other side anything but a violation of the right of unobstructed views which define the oceanfront condo we originally purchased sixteen years ago?
And why is it responsible governance for Carolina Beach to add to the debris field damage potential from future storms and yet expect no liability for their actions? It seems to us that further extension of the boardwalk is ill-considered and would set a grim precedent contrary to the preservation of North Carolina's natural coastline at Carolina Beach.
DON'T PLANK THE DUNES, save the dunes at Carolina beach!
Please join us in opposing unwelcome boardwalk extensions,
North Carolina Residents
Mike and Gail Stepp,
Carolina Beach, NC