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Why I Think the Pool Project Makes Sense

Thank You For Keeping Police Officer In Our School

Swimming Pool; You gotta ask yourself...

Prudent Decisions

Blatant Inconsistency In Our Mayor's Answer...

Mixed Message...

Candidate Pool Survey

Bury Power, Telephone and Cable Lines To Improve Cape Fear Blvd.

Controversy Lately in Carolina Beach Over Three Issues...

Great Progress For Boardwalk Improvements...

Call me a political pundit or call me a concerned taxpaying resident

Dragon Boat Regatta

Golf Cart Abuse

Please ban the smoking of conventional cigarettes on the beach

The InvisibleTrash: Pickers Strike Again!

Council Spending


Give Your Voice to the Town Council

Outsourcing Won't Save Money

Council Insurance, Auto Allowance, Pool Project...

Lack of Parking Management at Lake Events