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Softball News: Lazy Pirate Holds First as of Week Six

3 More Weeks of Regular Season Left

Pleasure Island Athletic Leagues Co-Ed Fall Softball’s regular season is in full swing! Standing after week six are as follows: 1st: Lazy Pirate 9-1. 2nd: Buffalo Wild Wings 7-2. 3rd: Hell's Kitchen/Superior Insurance 6-2. 4th: Mermaid Castle 6-4. 5th: Hop Lite/Beach PC 4-4 (H2H win over El Cazador). 6th: El Cazador 4-4. 7th: Satellite Army 4-5. 8th: AIC Metal 3-6. 9th: Capriotti's 2-7. 10th: Ocean Grill 0-10.
Upcoming games are as follows: Wednesday, August 7th: Capriotti’s Vs Hell’s Kitchen/ Superior Insurance at 7:00pm. Silver Dollar/AIC Vs Ocean Grill at 8:00pm. Mermaid Castle Vs El Cazador at 9:00pm.  Thursday, August 8th: Hell’s Kitchen/ Superior Insurance Vs. Silver Dollar/AIC at 7:00pm. Buffalo Wild Wings Vs. Beach PC at 8:00pm. Lazy Pirate Vs. Capriotti’s at 9:00pm. Tuesday, August a3th: Silver Dollar/AIC Vs. Buffalo Wild Wings at 7:00pm. Beach PC Vs. Satellite Army at 8:00pm. Capriotti’s Vs. Ocean Grill at 9:00pm. Wednesday, August 14th: Satellite Army Vs. Ocean Grill at 7:00pm. Hell’s Kitchen/ Superior Insurance Vs Mermaid Castle at 8:00pm. El Cazador Vs. Lazy Pirate at 9:00pm.
The following is an important message from the league: Captains and players, we had 2 instances of players throwing bats in anger last night, one in which a player on deck was nearly hit with the bat. The umpire gave each player a warning, but no warnings will be given going forward. As stated in the rules: "Throwing a bat or starting a physical altercation will result in ejection without prior warning." This is co-ed softball, not the World Series.
Just a reminder on the walk rule as it reads in the rulebook: "-In the event that a batter (male or female) walks without having at least 1 strike thrown, if a female batter follows next she will be given the option of taking 1st base automatically. This is only the case when the 2nd batter is a female." Notice the female is "given the option" of taking a walk. Meaning, if she steps in the batter's box and takes a pitch, that will be considered choosing to bat. Just want to clarify going forward.
For more information on Pleasure Island Athletic Leagues Co-Ed Softball or Kickball Leagues follow them on Facebook or stop by the Carolina Beach Recreation Center located at 1121 North Lake Park Boulevard behind the Town Hall Municipal Complex.