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NWA Wrestling Comes to Carolina Beach

The National Wrestling Alliance took over the Carolina Beach Recreation Center on Saturday night as NWA World Wide Wrestling rolled into town to present “Come Out and Play”. Three major NWA championship matches took place in addition to the other matches on the card.  The night started out with Zane Dawson challenging NWA Eastern States Heavyweight Champion Gideon Malice. The two men appeared to be equals in the ring as Malice retained his title due an over the top rope disqualification. The second match debuted the Carolina Heartthrobs, Ty Tyson and Corey Duncome. They took on Solomon Spades and the Great Akuma, better known as Dark Reign, as their long winded manager Moses Manson introduced them to the crowd. The match was won by the Carolina Heartthrobs on a three count from referee Willie Dee as Duncome pinned Spades. Dark Reign was not done however and the Akuma spit a green mist in Duncome’s face and a post-match brawl ensued. Match three pitted Cueball Carmichael against Human Predator. Predator was looking for revenge on Carmichael after being burned in the face and head with a fireball last June here in Carolina Beach. Carmichael came into the match leaner and in better shape than he’s been in for years. Carmichael and Predator went toe to toe until Predator grabbed Carmichael in the corner for a choke suplex. Malice and Phil ‘Nitro’ Monohan had promised earlier in the night that someone would get hurt, and used the opportunity to attack Carmichael after knocking Predator out of the ring.
In the fourth match, NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Chase Owens put his title on the line against ‘Tainted Love’ Daniel Messina. Messina gave the Junior World Champion all he could handle and took Owens to a time limit draw. The main event was for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship as Lou Marconi defended his title against former champion Phil ‘Nitro’ Monohan. The fight immediately went on to the floor and into the crowd as Marconi went after Monohan for attacking and injuring Cueball Carmichael earlier in the night. A frenzy of trash cans, steel chairs to the head, and even a crutch from an injured U.S. Marine quickly became part of the fight that went to all four corners of the gym before finally getting to the ring. Victory went to Nitro as Malice came to interfere with a steel chair and quickly received a right hand from Marconi. As he turned to get rid of the chair, Nitro caught Marconi with a boot to the face. It just so happened that boot had a steel chair sole but the referee didn’t see it and Nitro got the pin fall win and is again the NWA National Heavyweight Champion.
NWA World Wide Wrestling will be in Rocky Point, NC on Saturday May 3, Las Vegas, Nevada through the month of June, and will return to the Carolina Beach Recreation Center on Saturday July 12, 2014 with a bell time of 7:30pm. For more information, you can visit their website at or like them on Facebook at