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Vape ‘n Puff is a family owned and operated e-cig and smoke shop run by Tony Gonzalez and his son, Anthony. Now in their new larger location can bring you more products. They offer the large selection of liquids, ecigs, mods, drip tips, cigars and almost any other smoking devices you can think of including hookahs. The owners and staff wanted to send a huge Thank You for everyone who has helped them celebrate their second year in business! For those looking to kick habit of traditional cigarettes Vape N’ Puff offers a alternative way to do so through E-cigarettes. They will help you get the equipment you need to get you on your way on a healthier lifestyle. They are committed to bring the best products and the best service to all of their customers. They take their time with each customer that comes into the store.
You will get the step-by-step instruction on what E-cigarette is best to help you and your need to quit the smoking habit. They will introduce you to the various items they have to offer. They thoroughly demonstrate what each part of the E-cigarette does, from the battery to the atomizer and the best liquid that you should use.
They are there to serve their customers no matter how little or how much help you need. Their goal is to help all of their customers to succeed in quitting smoking with this healthy alternative. They strive to provide the best value for the money and serving any basic needs. The store is open seven days. Plus they also have a website so that if you do not live locally you can still receive the products you need and receive the same great service.
They offer several types of e-cigarettes, they add new liquids all the time in fact, and they have 100 different flavors of liquids. They also offer accessories like batteries, chargers and clearmizer and offers some of the best deals in town! They have recently added a mod-station so customers can come work on them! The basic E-cigarette kit will cost $29.99, the most popular kits run around $50 and some kits can be $100. They keep their prices reasonable and competitive.
¬They offer a different sale on one of their products every day. They are always looking for the any new technology that becomes available to pass along to their customers.
To help in understanding about what vaping is, it is a form of smoking but without all the harmful carcinogens you get smoking an actual cigarette. Vaporization is the conversion of a solid or liquid in a vapor. With E-cigarettes, a vapor is formed when the battery-operated heating element slightly heats the liquid nicotine solution, converting it into a fine mist. The mist resembles a puff of smoke, but it is little more than water vapor.
With cigarette smoking, tobacco is burned, creating smoke and the other harmful products of combustion. Cigarette smoke contains chemicals that are harmful to both smokers and nonsmokers.
The vapor produced by E-cigarettes provides a physical sensation and flavor similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke, yet does not involve smoke. E-cigarettes do not burn or use any type of combustion. Aside from the nicotine, all the ingredients in the liquid solution are considered safe for use.
There are 4,000 toxic chemicals in cigarettes and with vaping you will only get three ingredients in an E-cigarette. And, basically it allows the success to kick the habit. Most people will see the difference in about a month.
Vape N’ Puff ‘s new location is at 716 N. Lake Park Boulevard in Carolina Beach and can be reached by calling (910) 458-9911. Store hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and Noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, and will stay longer if a customer is there and need their assistance. You can also buy their products and liquids online at You can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter at CB Vape ‘n Puff, where they offer promotions.



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