Carolina Auto Center “Under New Management”

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Cooler weather is here and now is the time to service your car and make sure your inspection is up to date. The folks at Carolina Auto Center are here to help when servicing your car, looking for an inspection station, or in need of major or minor car repair. Now under new management, Wes and his staff offer decades of experience and do their best to provide same day service on all repairs. In addition to repairs and maintenance Carolina Auto Center sells new and used tires, they also repair all types of engines including weed-eaters and mowers! “When it comes to your car's safety, brakes top the list of things that should be monitored. Many people ignore the signs that indicate a car's brakes may need maintenance or repair. For routine maintenance, it's important to check the vehicle's braking system at least once a year. Warnings signs include an illuminated brake light, brake grabbing, low pedal feel, vibration, hard pedal feel and squealing.” If you are experiencing any of these indicators stop by Carolina Auto Center for a thorough inspection.
Another commons issues with vehicles are the replacement of CV Axels. The noise you often hear with this is a clicking sound when making a tight turn. If you hear this noise, you likely have a bad CV joint and Carolina Auto is here to help. Carolina Auto Center offers regular scheduled maintenance including oil changes, fluid checks, tire rotation, belt replacements, spark plugs, lights and more. Scheduled vehicle maintenance varies depending on the year, make, and model of a car, its driving conditions and driver behavior, stop by and make an appointment to help protect your investment. They provide Diagnostic checks; your vehicle provides key information in dashboard lights. If the check-engine light is illuminated, you should take your vehicle into service as soon as possible. However, for optimal reliability, engine checks should be a part of your annual vehicle maintenance, even if no check-engine light is on or flashing.
All motor vehicles registered in North Carolina that are less than 35 years old are required to pass an annual safety inspection. This inspection determines whether the vehicle is road worthy. In New Hanover County your vehicle must also pass an emissions inspection. Using the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics, this inspection is performed in conjunction with the annual safety inspection. Carolina Auto Center is a NC Inspection Station, they also can get your vehicle inspection ready with any needed replacements or repairs. Carolina Auto Center is located at 505 North Lake Park Boulevard in Carolina Beach. They can be reached by calling (910) 707-0907 and offer a 24 Hour Towing service! They are open 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday from 8:00am until 5:00pm, closing on Sundays.


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