Editorial: Repurpose The Old Library Building

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The Carolina Beach Branch of the New Hanover County Library system has moved to a new location at the Snow's Cut Crossing Shopping Center. It's now called the Pleasure Island Branch and is an excellent upgrade for our community.
Now the question is, what will become of the old library building on Cape Fear Blvd?
It's the small brick building on the corner of 3rd and Cape Fear Blvd.
There are a lot of potential uses but there's one opportunity the Town of Carolina Beach should consider since they own the building.
Relocate the Federal Point Help Center from the Town's newly renovated and upgraded Recreation Center behind Town Hall. That facility is designed for athletics and recreation.
The Help Center - founded in 1986 - provides food and other items to people in need; those who find themselves amid hard times and unable to make ends meet.
Currently they have a small space at the Town's Recreation Center. As members of the center come and go, people are often carrying bags of food or other items as they leave.
The Help Center needs its own location separate from the Recreation Center.
Hey! There's a vacant library building more centrally located in downtown Carolina Beach!
Perfect match.
It's large enough for the Help Center but still a little small for a meeting hall or other municipal use.
It's situated adjacent to Sea Merchants Grocery Store. That's a plus because the same people who seek aid at the Help Center can also purchase items using Food Stamp EBT cards.
It has multiple entrances and rest rooms. It's already wired for phone and internet service and the Town of Carolina Beach provides maintenance of the building.
The Town could lease it to the help center for a $1 and put the old library building to good use.


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