Editorial: Banning Beer Deliveries To Freeman Park

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The Carolina Beach Town Council voted unanimously at their November 10th, meeting to ban delivery of beer to Freeman Park on the northern end of Pleasure Island. The goal was to address overconsumption of alcohol and rowdiness within the park.
That was based on comments made at a previous meeting by area residents complaining that people party too much and drink excessive amounts of alcohol leading to loud parties and fights on the beach. That was associated in part to an ill-perceived endless river of beer deliveries to the drunken masses within the park.
The vote to ban beer deliveries within Freeman Park was pointless and illogical. The only way to address people consuming too much alcohol in the park is to outright ban alcohol in the park.
Otherwise, people will soon find ways around it or just make sure to bring more beer than a human being can possibly, physically, consume in one night just to make sure they won't run out.
Also, people will inevitably get in their vehicle and attempt to drive out of the park to the nearest gas station, slowly so as not to attract attention, and buy more beer before their tap runs dry. And of course, it's usually the guy that can't hold their spirits that get the rowdiest at a party. Tequila!
The Council didn't take time to look back upon the history of the park and realize that people getting drunk has always been an issue at Freeman Park on some level. In fact, it was an issue well before anyone could call a number and have beer delivered to the park. Yet the Council didn't consider that fact. They voted to eliminate one of the most logical management tools ever created for Freeman Park: Keep people out of vehicles by letting them order beer rather than getting in the car for a beer run.
And people will do that when they are on vacation and not wearing their thinking cap.
Not to mention the local Brew Thru took a pretty good beating (See report on page 1-A) since they are the only business to deliver beer to the park. John Childers is an outstanding business owner and should have been contacted before the Town Council both discussed deliveries and then voted to ban them altogether. The ban is pointless. People will still consume alcohol and the ban will do nothing to contribute to resolving issues of overcrowding and litter.
If Council is brave enough, their only realistic option is to ban alcohol altogether. But they don't want to do that: It would drive off paying customers who purchase expensive daily and annual vehicle passes to drive in the park.


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