Editorial: Coyote Plan Required To Ensure Public Safety

By / Editorials / Wednesday, 23 October 2019 02:31

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In a recent review of coyote attacks on humans from 1970-2015, a study documented 367 attacks by non-rabid coyotes in the United States and Canada, two of which were fatal. In comparison, 4.5 million dog bites occur nationwide annually; in 2016 alone, 31 dog bites resulted in fatalities.

Recently some residents of Carolina Beach and Kure Beach have voiced concerns following reports a coyote killings cats in areas such as near downtown Carolina Beach.

The Town of Carolina Beach is currently communicating with the Carolina Beach State Park and the Army - which owns the majority of the undeveloped land west of Dow Road for a buffer zone for the Military Ocean Terminal at Sunny Point across the Cape Fear River.

However, to date the Town has taken no action on the issue of protecting the public and pets. Several people have reported witnessing coyotes killing animals on Pleasure Island.

Bald Head Island - to the south of Kure Beach - has hired someone to trap coyotes  and euthanize them.

Carolina Beach should implement a similar management plan, although, without the use of leg traps that can harm other non-aggressive wildlife and pets. It's seems like a tall task with a substantial cost in terms of budgeting, but it's the primary responsibility of government to maintain a sense of security among residents.

The worst case scenario is when a coyote attacks a child - albeit unlikely - but that incident would fall upon the shoulders of our elected leaders. Let's plan, implement, and restore a sense of calm to our Island. Doing nothing is not an option.


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