Editorial: Council Should Appoint Shuttleworth To Vacant Council Seat

By / Editorials / Wednesday, 13 November 2019 01:24

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Logic would dictate that Steve Shuttleworth should be appointed to fill the vacant Council seat of newly elected Carolina Beach Mayor Leann Pierce.

Shuttleworth was not reelected by a mere six votes on Tuesday November 5th. That small difference in votes doesn't mean there's a mandate against the current Council, it simply means that people like Steve as much as they like the newcomer to Council, Jay Healy who won by six votes.

Not taking anything away from Jay, but Steve should be the obvious candidate to fill the remaining term of Pierce until the next municipal election in two years. 

There was no controversy during the election season and in fact, all of the other Council candidates said they agreed with Steve on several important issues during a candidates form, which was a moment that offered up a sense of friendly agreements among candidates.

Not appointing Steve to Leann's vacant seat will severely handicap the new Mayor/Council by tossing out years of service, government contacts and vital experience.

If the Council, in their wisdom, appoints Steve to fill Leann's vacant Council seat for two years until the next municipal election, Steve can run again and may the best person win.

There's something to be said for continuity in government. The Council will have to vote on filling that vacant council seat during their January 2020, regular meeting. If they can't agree on an appointment, they will have to vote at each regular monthly meeting until they do reach an agreement.


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