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Prior to 2020, during a flu season society we largely felt uncomfortable about people sneezing and coughing in public. Most of us would intelligently get our flu shots. Granted, we didn't wear face masks, but those of us that know of Darwin, know how to exercise caution. (Others, not so much. Bless their hearts).
Now we live among COVID-19. While some adhere to the alerts to wear a face mask, social distancing and washing their hands often others have less intelligence than many wild animals that use basic evolutionary instincts to avoid danger.
This is going to be the most unpopular opinion I've ever had to put into words, but, the great American experiment was in fact great, but, fast forward to today, and the very Constitution that protects our rights, is working against us.
Churches are filing lawsuits against the government so they can open for worship. That's protected, and those suits will prevail. But at what cost? Gather together in a large church, a choir belting out hymns and potentially the virus.
People can worship and pray from home. It's a safer option. Love thy neighbor. Don't potentially spread COVID--19 to thy neighbor. Common sense.
Wearing a mask during the summer is admittedly sometimes a very uncomfortable endeavor. However inconvenient it may seem, it's far, far less of an issue as opposed to entering the hospital (hopefully not) being sedated and placed on a ventilator. So, pick a situation. It's your choice.
To all of those people that protested early in the pandemic (and some continue to protest mandates), statements about how the virus was a hoax or that it wasn't as bad as previous flu outbreaks are hopefully seasoning of Crow.  Tasty? Seriously though, they'll never admit it.
While the number of people that have tested positive for COVID-19 is far greater than the number of people that have died as a result of the virus, that's not something that should comfort people.
Many people can carry the virus without developing symptoms and unwillingly spread it to others who may develop serious conditions. And even if they are becoming known as long-term COVID patients. Meaning, they continue to relapse, conditions return, or they have lasting damage to organs including the brain, liver, kidneys, blood vessels, the heart, etc.
This virus doesn't just have a broad reach among the global population, it has a broad reach throughout the body that can last for years. For example, if you get Chicken Pocks as a kid, you are at high risk of getting the Shingles over the age of 65. The Chicken Pocks never left your body, it will just return in a more painful version as Shingles later in life. Not life threatening, but, still a pain in, well, everywhere. Luckily, there's a shot that.
Many companies are working on a COVID-19 vaccine. Some are reporting promising results in early tests. Yet consider that even Flu vaccines have been an educated guessing game over the years with doctors working to predict which strain of Flu vaccine to produce with varying degrees of success.
Bottom line: Love each and respect everyone's everyone. And by all means, when the Flu vaccine becomes available later this year, get one! Obvious reasons. Shouldn't have to explain to the potential nightmare of Flu and Covid at the same time.
As for people not wearing masks, don't shame them, just avoid them like the plague. They're making their hospital bed and they'll have to lay in it.


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