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All elections are important, but the coming primary and general elections are critical, and deserve the electorate’s full attention, not only from the standpoint of the selection of candidates, but also as it relates to the voting process. There have been accusations of improper voting and equipment malfunctions that have caused concern over the reliability of the Nation’s voting system, these concerns have grown over the years due to the liberalization of many of our voting rules, and the large influx of immigrants, both legal and illegal into our country, and yet there does not appear to be any movement to correct these potential flaws that exist in our system. The corrective actions that are needed to assure a fair election should be addressed now by every Board of Elections throughout the country, not put off to the last minute.
There are actions that an Election Board can take now, such as remove any individuals that have died or moved away since the last election, which is a continuing problem for many polling stations. Another problem that needs attention is weeding out voters that have two domiciles in different districts or states to ensure that they are not voting at both locations, which is a practice most voters know to be illegal. Requirements for establishing a person’s voter eligibility should not include documents that are also issued to immigrants or non-citizens, which appears to be the practice in some districts of the country.  Assistance in the voting booths should only be provided by Election polling personnel, and that assistance should not include the selection of candidates. There was a time that a person needed to speak English as a qualification for citizenship, but this may be another requirement that has been done away with. The concerns cited above are just a few of the concerns that the citizenry should have with what the politicians have done to weaken the power of the individual’s vote, while allowing the Establishment to gain power to
accomplish their aim, and most of this was accomplished with a cloak of trying to improve the individual’s
options for voting, but it has been nothing but a strategy to enhance the Establishment’s power.
The biggest concern that the individual citizen should have is over the fact that the Establishment has created so many opportunities for improper voting that it’s almost impossible to assure that the next election will be a fair representation of the will of the country, and to add to the problem, it’s the Establishment that is responsible for the oversight and prosecution of any infractions.
When one considers the fact that the past three generations have been brainwashed, and lack the requirements for real critical thinking, especially in the area of economics, a condition that is going to require a ton of reeducation to prevent the total destruction of the Constitution and its basic principles, and that is something the individual can’t get from the media, even the so-called conservative media.
The average person is enticed to buy into government programs that are supposed to be free, but the lack of understanding by a majority of the electorate does not understand that they are being allured into a trap that is going to make them indebted to the government.
The lessons that people learned as a result of the Great Depression, have not been retained, and it would appear that the current American culture is apt to repeat that experience if it’s unable to stop the Establishment in the next election, there is a glimmer of hope if one considers the polls that are indicating a turn to candidates that are considered to be outside the establishment, but it is also important for the candidates to have a grounding in the basic principles of the Constitution.
One can only hope that the electorate will select a candidate that will unite the country, instead of splitting the Nation into various political groups to be manipulated.


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