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 The President has got it all wrong, the immigration law is not broken it’s the government that is broken. The government was supposed to control the boarders with the passage of the 1986 law, but the politicians had no intention of controlling the influx of illegal immigrants coming into the country, and their reasons for failing to do so are the same now, as they were then, and any agreements that are made today will have the same impact as past agreements.
The President is not using his Presidential Executive Orders for the good of the country, because his’ actions are only going to worsen the nation’s condition in a number of areas.  It would behoove us to take a look at a few of these areas of concern, without applying any weight to the order in which they are presented.
The first one that has been expressed by the media and some politicians is the possibility of Islamic terrorist entering into the country that is lacking any control worth mentioning. Given the fact that the President is either unwilling or unable to acknowledge the threat that this group presents to the nation, it would be understandable that he would have little concern over the damage that this group can inflict on our country, and we are ill prepared to defend the nation from attacks that can be directed at a wide range of functions, but even if the
President refuses to acknowledge this threat, the public appears to be concerned with the potential harm that could be inflicted as a result of our porous borders, and they are porous in spite of the assurances of the governmental officials.
Another area of concern is the number of drug traffickers that enter the country with their contraband, which adds to the nation’s police problems that are multiplied as a result of associated criminal activities surrounding the drug trade.
These activities impact the taxpayer at multiple levels, and frequently put the average citizen in danger, these are facts that the mainstream media seldom highlights. The influx of children into our school systems is a burden that most of our school districts are ill prepared to handle from a structural or financial standpoint, again we are faced with an economic impact on the individual taxpayer by way of another important institution.
There are a wide range of functions within the school system that are being degraded, which is having an impact on our legal students, at a time that there are major concerns about the continual erosion of the educational level.
There is a new concern that had not received much attention until lately, and that is the impact that many of these individuals are coming into the country with diseases that were eradicated a long time ago, but the potential for many of these diseases to be reintroduced into our culture is very high, some of which may present some serious problems. Our healthcare institution is having enough problems with the initiation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and now another factor has been added to the mix, and there is no way of knowing how these things are going to impact the care that individuals will receive, or what it will do to our economy.
These are just a few areas, related to illegal immigration, that will have a major impact on our culture, but they are not the greatest threat to our culture, it’s the loss of our sovereignty and the uniqueness of our Constitution that is at stake, just to satisfy power hungry politicians and a number of institutionalized groups that are looking to gain power to enhance their control in given areas of our culture.
These power hungry entities have no interest in the individual, which just happens to be another element in the environment that needs to be manipulated to accomplish their goal.
The big question is, will the electorate be able to educate themselves in time to prevent the loss of all the protections that our Constitution affords the individual, or will they continue to be pawns for the power brokers? 
Just one more salient point, the attitude of many of the illegals that enter the country, have little or no concern for our laws or customs, their only interest is to see what they can get out of the government, and in some cases we get lectured to by their home governments as to what we s
hould do for these illegals, and our elected officials, in both political parties, appear to accept this abuse, this acceptance should tell the electorate something.


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