For Your Consideration: A Broken System

By / For Your Consideration / Wednesday, 11 November 2015 05:00

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There still remains a lot of work to be done to expose the forces that manipulate the individual’s behavior; there are indications that more individuals are becoming aware of some of the tactics that are being employed to control our behavior. It was refreshing to see the GOP’s Presidential candidates’ responses to the questioning by CNBC moderators, they tore into their tactics to show how biased the mainstream media is, but this is still only one part of the picture, the other side of the picture is related to the so-called conservative media.
This conservative media is not as obvious as the mainstream media, but it’s just as manipulative in favor of the Republican Establishment, and if the electorate looks closely they will be able to see how they are being manipulated to view the Establishment Republican candidates as being acceptable candidates, even some of these candidates are being viewed as outsiders because they have never held a political office, but the Establishment knows that some of these candidates will fit in with their program if nominated.
The Republican Establishment has its own super-pac, this is a group of media outlets that push the Establishment Republican’s point of view, but don’t think for a second that you are getting an unbiased view of reality.
This Right-wing media is just as manipulative as the Left’s media institutions; this is evident to anyone that has even a limited ability to view the media cortically. To really get a feel for where most of these pundits are coming from, and analyze their motivation takes more time, but the effort is worth the time, because the individual learns how they are being manipulated, it also helps if the individual has a reasonably well established set of values, that are not full of contradictions, unlike the government’s system.
The presentation of this information is making an assumption that the individual is willing to take responsibility for his/her actions, and to be, given the opportunity, self-sufficient, this is what our Constitution was designed to provide for the individual, but the politicians have managed to convince the populace that they could provide a better life for the citizenry, than they could for themselves, but the only lives that have been improved are those of the politicians and the institutions that have a symbiotic relationship with them. It’s not clear how inculcated this message is at this point, but it does appear to be more acceptable, especially during this administration’s tenure.
It’s time to have another revolution, that does not involve valance, but by getting back to the principles that all of our elected officials take when they are sworn in, what a novel concept! Our culture and Constitution is being turned inside out, and it now views the application of the principles in the Constitution as a radical concept, when in fact this should be the electorates’ prime consideration when selecting a representative at all levels of government; there should be no compromising on this position, which is the clarion call by the Establishment when a representative tries to move the government into compliance with the Constitution, but the Establishment never compromises its progressive position.
Our political system is broken because it has moved away from almost all of the basic principles that are designed to give the maximum freedom to the individual, while still maintaining order.
The Establishment has learned how to use rhetoric that can manipulate the electorate to vote for things that are impractical and create conditions that are destroying our country, don’t get sidetracked by the Establishment’s rhetoric, vote for a candidate that’s looking to give the individual his/her freedom back with an even playing field and opportunity to achieve their aspirations.


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