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The political debates have become an issue for debate, with a wide variety of views as to how they should be conducted, an effort will be made to clarify and put into perspective some of these views. For a starter, it’s a misnomer to call these forums a debate, a more accurate description for what is being presented would be a forum for discourse, with a wide range of views, however we’re failing to rationally evaluate the motivation for these forums. One would assume that they are intended to inform the electorate as to the positions held by the presidential candidates, but given the performances during the past three debates, it’s clear that this assumption would be incorrect, which means that a more analytical approach needs to be employed to ascertain what is really going on in these forums.
The groups that are holding these forums have a number of objectives that are related to the institution that is conducting the forum, the personalities that are moderating the show, the tendency to support a political party, and the agency’s efforts to increase viewership. One would be hard-pressed to point to a time in the past where the viewership has been as high as it has been for this election, but the viewer should keep in mind that the real intent of these forums is to influence the electorates attitude, and not necessarily to inform the electorate as to the positions held by the presidential candidates on various subjects, it’s important for the electorate to keep this motivation in mind while trying to ascertain a candidates position.
To this point in the presentation of the forums a consistent bias has been displayed by all three medias, some bias has been blatant, some subtle, but all three media outlets have shown bias, not only in the presentation of the forum, but also in the commentary leading up to the forum. These actions by the media outlets, and the pundits have contributed to giving these forums a reality show flavor, which has been aided by one presidential candidate that has managed to capitalize on this type of forum, but it’s very probable that these actions have contributed to the popularity of the Republican’ forums, giving these forums a double-edge sword quality.
The electorate will have to be very critical of comments, or the lack of comments that tend to highlight the positive or negate aspects of a given candidate.
The electorate is waking-up to the fact that the media is being bias to the Establishment political parties, this awareness is beginning to be reflected in the negative comments that are being directed towards candidates that appear to be anti-Establishment, and these Establishment medias are starting to understand that they don’t have the control over the electorate that they have exercised in the past, this realization is beginning to create a panic in the media Establishment.
As the electorate becomes more critical, he/she will get to a point where they can just about predict what a proponent is going to say, it gets to a point that the pundit’s response can be gleaned from the way a moderator asks a question. The more the electorate hones their skills the less likely they will be manipulated by the Establishment.
The Establishment will try to get the electorate to focus on a single aspect as being the prime problem in our culture, this tactic diverts the electorates attention away from the real problem, and that’s the fact that the power is not in the hands of the individual, but in the hands of an ever growing government bureaucracy, the electorate needs to wise-up to the fact that all our problems are related to the system that has evolved to replace the basic principles of the U.S. Constitution. The electorate should be concerned with the changes that have taken place in the past generation, especially the massive influx of illegal immigrants that have come into the country during this period, many of whom do not wish to assimilate into our culture, as a matter of fact these illegals make demands of the government to meet their needs over and above citizens that have entered the country legally. The country is going to need a leader that can think clearly and address the problems that have been created by the Establishment, and in a manner that does not send our country into a turmoil, it can be done, but it will require the ability to know where and when to apply pressure, and how much to apply at any given time, while keeping in mind the interconnecting variables.
The Republican Party may have a lot of good candidates, but a very limited number that would fit the bill for what is needed.


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