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There is a continual effort to extract information from the Presidential candidates by individuals from various forms of the information platforms, and candidates give replies that range from a truthful presentation as perceived by the candidate, to a presentation that has nothing but emotive rhetoric, which allows the electorate to fill in the meaning of the emotive rhetoric, most responses are a combination of the two extremes. For the candidates this process is a catch 22, because they are replying to questions that they have incomplete knowledge of, and are related to subjects that are in continual flux, and by the time they assume the Presidency the facts that were relied on have changed drastically, but he/she is still going to be held to the original statement.
A candidate that wants to be honest and present his/her position to the electorate will have to be careful in presenting a view on any topic that they are trying to present to the electorate, and offering a caveat will not suffice, because it’s forgotten by the time the person is appointed to the Presidency. There are a number of things that a candidate can do to reduce the pitfalls that almost all candidates fall into, one action that would help the electorate, as well as the candidate, would be to explain that most of the information that is being presented to the candidates and the public, is either incorrect or incomplete. Once this has been accomplished the candidate should present the basic principles that will guide him/her in making a decision, these principles should reflect the basic tenets of our Constitution. Another point that should be made clear is the fact that no candidate has sufficient knowledge to address the wide range of problems that the Nation is facing due to the actions a past administrations, so the electorate will have to trust the candidate to select individuals that are dedicated to resolving problems, and not object if another cabinet member points out a shortcoming with some aspect of a proposal, the goal is to come up with the best solution at that point in time.
The Nation’s culture and its institutions are in continual flux, and this fact needs to be taken into account when applying corrective measures, some corrective measures may have to be delayed until a more opportune time presents itself, this delay may be due to the fact that movement forward in one area may impact another institution negatively, but in the end the goal should be to allow for maximum freedom at any given point in time, while still maintaining a stable culture. The term stable should not be construed to mean “with little change”, as a matter of fact, change will be the order of the day, because the system that is being sort is one that will encourage rapid growth, however one should expect a lot of opposition to this by the Establishment, because it will mean the end of their control over the individual.
This was the goal our Founders set for us, but thanks to the people that are seeking power, this goal has been so distorted to the point that it’s no longer recognizable, this distortion has created a system that is devoid of the real principles of a true capitalistic system, leaving us with a crony capitalistic system. When people complain about our capitalism, they are really complaining about a corrupted system that has nothing to do with real capitalism. Now the only question that needs to be answered is, “do we have what it takes to achieve the dream that our Founders envisioned for us?”


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