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The Nation is faced with a threat that it has not experienced since its inspection, and our Constitution, or the laws that govern our ability to address this problem are if any help.
The difficulty we face is that neither the Constitution nor our laws address how to declare war on an ideology that has declared war on all other forms of governance, with one of its prime targets being the United States of America (US), this point is not being lost on this destructive ideology, and other forces that are intent on destroying the Nation’s Constitution and our cultural values, this subject deserves a rational appraisal that will establish a clear structure of the threat the Nation faces.
The first step is to define the structure of the Jihad ideology, which is defined as: “A holy war waged by Muslims against infidels; A holy struggle or striving by a Muslim for a moral or spiritual or political goal”; to understand the complexity of this ideology, both of these definitions need to be combined to give a realistic presentation of Jihad. Jihad is a generalized term, which is only applied to the Muslim religion, but if one considers the additional aspects that are covered in the second definition, it becomes clear that the third aspect, political, is where the problem lies, this aspect is covered by shariah law, which takes the moral and spiritual writings and codifies them into a set of laws that all adherents must comply with, it’s in this political aspect, which is diametrically opposed to positions that are held by the US Constitution, and that of many other nations, that one finds this ideology radical.
The problem is that there are individual Muslims that accept the first two aspects, moral and/or spiritual values, but reject the political aspect; these Muslims don’t present a threat to most of the governments around the world, including ours; however, one runs into a problem when a distinction must be made between the various groups as to the positions they hold. The Administration would have the citizenry believe that the preponderance of the Muslim population rejects shariah law, but this position does not appear to be supported by the reaction of many Muslims, as it is presented in the media. To accept the position the Administration is presenting would be irresponsible, in light of the information that is being presented by the media and the polls that are taken to reflect the views of Muslims. There is too much contradictory evidence that can’t be ignored, which would suggest that we should restrict any future acceptance of immigrants from this group of people, until we can come up with a system that will ensure that we are getting Muslims that follow the first two aspects, and reject the political aspect, the Nation already has enough problems with the growth of radical Muslims within our boarders, whether they are coming in illegally or converting our citizens to their cause.
There is no need to focus on the various names they go by, this approach only muddies the water. There are two Muslim clans, Sunni and Shiite, that have been at odds for over a thousand years, each believing that they are the rightful branch to bring forth a caliph that will establish an Islamic state, that will subjugate the rest of the world, this is the radical view that the civilized world needs to be concerned with, the political ideology.
These two branches are establishing enclave in cities around the world, and many countries are beginning to understand that the radical Muslims are not looking to assimilate into the cultures they have invaded, and that is the correct term for what they are doing.
The agencies that are responsible for monitoring potential terrorist stated that they are in all fifty states, and the demands for this task go beyond their capabilities.  The President has promised us that he would “fundamentally transform” the Nation, if the current changes are his intent, there are a number of Americans that want no part of his transformation, this may be a time to suspend all immigration, and allow time for stabilization and assimilation.  It’s time Americans woke up to the fact that the Establishment is not  going to get the country back on tract, and it is not at all interested in relinquishing the power it has acquired over the past generations, stop drinking the cool-aid.


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