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It’s surprising how few Americans realize what really makes this nation the place that so many people want to migrate to, but on the other hand it’s understandable given mans’ propensity to want to control and subjugate his fellow man, and this is all done under a cloak of caring for others.
We have drifted so far away from the Founding principles that they are no longer recognizable in our government structure, or culture. However, it would appear that there is a sizeable portion of the nation’s citizenry that is becoming dissatisfied with the government’s actions, but this dissatisfaction is not limited to the government, it also encompasses many of the institutions in our culture.
This attitude is beginning to show up in the race for the Presidential selection that is currently being waged, but without a clear understanding of what is at the heart of the problem, the electorate is likely to continue to make the same mistake in their selection of a President.
The Establishment is going to do everything it can to stop this move by some of the candidates that are viewed as outsiders, or people that have not held a political position previously. There is a real panic setting in on the political establishment, but this does not signify that these so-called outsiders are going to perform in a manner that will satisfy the electorate, it would not be the first time that the Establishment inserted an impostor into the candidates’ ranks.
The electorate is continually reminded that these outsiders don’t understand how government works, but that’s the point, government does not work, not the way the Constitution intended it to work, and it’s not even close to adhering to the basic principles of the Constitution.
There are less than a handful of candidates, in both political parties, that are looking to reestablish these basic principles, most of the candidates think this is about them, when they should be thinking that it’s about the individual citizen.
If it’s the intent of the electorate to correct the abuses of government then it would behoove them to understand what the basic principles are that the structure of the Constitution is built on.
For the most part, people seem to like the idea of putting each topic in a box when thinking about problems associated with each topic, as a result they fail to comprehend the interconnectivity between the various topics, and how that interconnectivity can be influenced by applying the basic principles of the Constitution. The approach to our problems should be to view the interconnectivity, then zero in on the aspects in the various topics that need to be manipulate, taking into account the timing and amount of manipulation in each of the topics, this approach should help to eliminate some of the unintended consequences.
To oversimplify this paragraph the following statement may help: Take a holistic view of all the intervening, state the problem, and denote the topics that have any connection with the problem.
There should be no expectation of coming up with a perfect solution to a problem, given the current complexity of the government’s bureaucracies, adjustments will have to be made, but in making changes the main goal should always be kept in the forefront, to bring our legislation into alignment with the basic principles.
The task that is before us is a Herculean mission, but it’s one that must be addressed if our nation is to hold onto its status as a government that gives the maximum freedom to the individual, the first ten Amendments, “The Bill of Rights” are an essential element of this task.
The point is that our Constitution is centered on the freedom of the individual, while the government’s task is to maintain order, it’s also responsible for protecting the Nation from threats from other nations, or from those that may come from within the Nation, on this last point the government has performed miserably, because our Constitution has been ravaged over the generations, to a point that many of our political leaders would very likely suggest that any individual that tried to reestablish the basic principles in the Constitution would be the ones that are a threat to the country, that’s how bad things have gotten.
The next election may be the last chance that the citizenry will have to correct this problem; the electorate should read the Constitution before they vote in the 2016 election.


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