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It would appear that the nations around the world have a problem with issuing a declaration of war, which is normally declared on an established nation state, that has a standing army, but what does a nation do when it has received a declaration of war from a religious ideology that is in most of the countries that have received a declaration of war from the radical religious groups that are inhabiting the country?
This is what we are currently facing with the Muslim religion, which is no different than most other religions of the world, in that not all of the adherents hold to all the tenets found in their religion, one needs to look no further than the Christian religion, which has a lot more diversity than the Islamic religion, but it dropped its aggressive stance many centuries ago, the Muslim religion has not gone through that transformation, at least some portion of it has not.
This question of a declaration of war with this religious ideology brings into question other ideologies of governance, especially with respect to our form of government, or at least from a Constitutional point of view, because it’s the only one that gives the maximum control to the individual, as long as that freedom does not infringe on another’s freedom. One may suggest that a democratic government does this, but that would be incorrect, because the populace is under the control of the majority, that’s not what our Constitution calls for, but it is what the Establishment is suggesting is the case.
Think about it, can the individual have control over his/her destiny if they need to comply with the will of the majority, and should we be declaring war on all the other ideologies that are intent in taking away our individual freedoms?
The reader should be asking, at this point, why our government does not function as the Constitution intended it to. Any rational person that knows anything about the human species’ behavior throughout recorded history knows that the desire to control others for the acquisition of power has been a given fact for eons.
The principles that are the foundation of our Constitution intended to eliminate the power of any form of government from limiting the control government would have over the individual. The Founders knew that this would mean that the individual would have to have a fair amount of self-sufficiency, and the ability to accept responsibility for his/her actions.
Our nation was in a unique position during its early development, because many of the early settlers had no other choice, but to develop these qualities.
The system worked, but it required the individual to exercise control over their behavior, and those seeking power over others started to initiate an ever expanding legal system that had little regard for framing those laws within the guidelines of the principles in the Constitution.
Thanks to the Bill of Rights and Article V of the Constitution, there is still a chance to nullify the damage that the Nation has been subjected to by the Establishment. The current administration is doing everything it can to nullify the Bill of Rights, and it appears that it’s making some headway in this area. The establishment needs to be demolished, and the only way to accomplish that is to take away all of the toys that they have acquired over the centuries.
It’s impossible to take all the toys away at one time, but if action is taken to prevent the acquisition of anymore toys, and the gradual selective removal of those that have already been acquired the Nation can move back to the intended position of the Founders.
The citizenry should read through the Constitution, but don’t get lost with the wording, look at the principle behind the wording. Our Nation is at a critical point that it has not experienced during our lifetime, the electorate needs to ensure that it does not go over the tipping point.


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