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As a nation, the citizenry should reject the efforts by the government and others to eliminate the observance of the Christmas holiday, which has become an integral part of our culture over the past generations.
There are some problems associated with this day, and they have been used to divert the public’s attention away from the true meaning of Christmas. One of these negative aspects is the fact that Christ was not born on the 25th of December, this date was chosen by the early Christian church for reasons that we will not go into here. Another aspect that has subverted the true meaning of Christmas is the commercialization of the holiday, this aspect has done more than anything else to obscure the meaning of the holiday than any other aspect, it has managed to bring out many of the negative emotive behaviors in some individuals, which go counter to the teaching that are found in the Bible; the Bible is cited because it’s the starting point for three major religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islamism, and all the variations that developed within these major groups.
There are some individuals that feel that Christ was rebelling against the Pharisees’ abusive declarations that were presented as if they were the word of The Creator, rather than concentrating on the Ten Commandments, that were given to Moses on Mount Sinai.
Regardless of what religion a person has chosen to follow or how the individual may view his/her relationship with The Creator, the Ten Commandments present Mankind with a set of values that would go a long way in resolving many of the problems that plague the human species. The reader would benefit in the reading of the Ten Commandments if they were to concentrate on the essential principle in each of the commandments and connect these basic principles as a composite unit. One might be surprised at how many of today’s problems could be resolved if one could construct a paradigm of these basic principles, and not have any contradictions in their paradigm. It may be suggested that this was the point that Jesus was making, and demonstrating with his actions as a guide for our lives. It would behoove the established religions that have evolved from the original Judaism to revisit the covenant that was made with The Creator. It was the actions of the Pharisees that Christ was rebelling against, it would appear that this trend continues in the religious orders of today. Man is not content to let The Creators word stand on its own, he has to insert his control over his fellow man, and in doing so subverts The Word.
An individual would have to have their heads buried in the sand not to realize that there has been a concerted effort to drive the meaning of Christmas out of our culture, by suggesting that giving this greeting to some individuals is offensive, or that it amounts to the government recognizes the Christian religion as the official religion of the government, it’s not, and it should not be, but a community that wishes to express the spirit of the holiday should have the right to do so, and that right should not be denied by one or two people within a community. The only way to correct this “Politically Correct” (PC) movement is for the citizens to ignore the PC police, and to give the salutation in a manner fitting the true meaning of Christmas. Citizens should not allow government and individuals aligned with government’s efforts to drive the concept of God out of our culture, nor should we reject individuals that don’t accept what many of us accept as fact. Each person should have the right to establish what sort of relationship they are going to have with The Creator, and that includes those that do not accept God.
It’s not up to the individual to decide who is correct, that is God’s prerogative, not Man’s, if one comes to any other conclusion, it’s strongly suggested that one should go back and review the basic fundamental principles in the Bible. Have a Merry Christmas, and try to concentrate on the important aspects related to the meaning of Christmas, because they are an important part of what makes our culture unique.


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