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A rational person should have put the government’s sham on climate – warming – cooling - change to rest a long time ago. Let’s look at some truths; the first truth is that the climate on our planet has been changing ever since its inception, which was a long time before man ever walked the Earth.
The second point is that the climatic conditions are in continual flux, and there is never a complete agreement with previous cycles. The third major point is that there are hosts of factors that are continually influencing the climate and our daily weather, and a majority of these factors we have absolutely no control over, and this does not even cover the influences that we are totally unaware of. The people that are really buying into this climate change are no different than the “flat earthier” during the Dark Ages.
The first position, cited above, should be easy for most people to accept as factual; the second position may be a little more difficult for some to understand, because they have not thought about the concept of continual flux, but it may help if one thought about their own existence, our bodies are in continual flux, from one second to another, but most of the time we are unaware of the changes because they are so minute.
The third position is even more difficult because of the diversity of actions that are taking place at any given time. Just to mention a few of some of the obvious actions: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, solar flares, the relationship of the Earth to the Sun and the Moon, at any given point, forest fires, the clearing of a forest, the cutting of grass, the growth of large cities that act as heat pumps; these examples could go on without end. It is a given that Man is a contributing factor to the changes in our climatic conditions, but so are a vast number of other influences that man has nothing to do with.
The major problem is not related to climate change, but in actions that Man takes which increase the pollutants that are harmful to all forms of life on the planet, carbon dioxide is not one of those pollutants, it’s part of the government’s sham to extract more money from the taxpayer, which is then redistributed to a select group of people, it also provides the government with additional funds to expand its bureaucracy and influence every individual’s behavior. 
It’s impossible to cite all the examples that have been noted by others, which make it clear that the government is not concerned about the things that they claim to be concerned about, it’s time the electorate woke-up and stopped drinking the cool-aid.
The government has been extracting the fruits of our labor, and using them to enslave us, which also happens to be in total conflict with the Nation’s Constitution, that document that was designed to protect the individual from an abusive government.
Have Americans become so devoid of logic that they can’t see what’s happening to them? All these actions perpetrated by the government are designed to expand its control over the individual. The problem the individual has is that there is nothing that they can turn to for a proper prospective on what’s happening, because most of the institutions in our culture are aligned with the basic values of the Government Establishment, the electorate will have to learn to separate the rhetoric the Establishment is spewing out, and the reality that their actions are creating.
The Establishment is doing its best to try and discount the groundswell that’s beginning to build within large portions of the electorate, and the possibility that it’s on the verge of losing its power.
Once a person understands the positions the various Establishment players hold they can just about give their talking points, even before the open their mouths. Don’t be dissuaded by the rhetoric that the Establishment pundits use to make you move in a different direction.
This will be a long hard battle, with strong opposition at every level, the electorate will have to do more than just go out and vote.


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