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There appears to be a problem with how to apply the Establishment label, but the application can be made simple if some basic principles are applied to the definition.
The first thing that must be ascertain is where the power is intended to be concentrated, if it’s intended to be concentrated in the government and its various bureaucracies at all levels of government, then this conglomeration can be viewed as being part of the Establishment.
The Forth Estate was supposed to be an unbiased check on the abuses of government, but that position was vacated by that institution generations ago, the Forth Estate has turned into a Fifth Column, but this is not the only institution that is outside the government that is supporting the government’s objectives. 
One could rightfully suggest that any institution that tends to support the growth of power within the government is part of the Establishment. For a person or institution to be considered outside the Establishment, they would have to hold to the position that was intended in the structuring of the Nation’s Constitution, and that position suggests that individual’s should have the lion’s share of the power, but that power has been diminishing rapidly over the past three or four generations.
There are probably a number of reasons behind our culture’s inability to assign a label to the phenomenon that our culture is currently experiencing, most of them are the result of perceptions not corresponding with the stated intent expressed by the Establishment and the various institutions that have a symbiotic relationship with the Establishment.
The other half of the equation, one suspects that it’s related to a cultural ethos that has been ingrained into our culture over the centuries, and in all probability has been reinforced by reality and even the politicians that use some of the political rhetoric to convince the electorate that they are with the individual and believe in the principles that are in the Nation’s Constitution.
It would appear that even the indoctrination that the Establishment has managed to insert into the various institutions, which impact every individual on a daily bases has not been able to eradicate this cultural ethos.
The fact that there have been so many statements made that don’t match reality is causing dissonance in the individual, which is causing the individual to question the indoctrination that the Establishment has been employing for generations.
The dichotomy that has developed between these two major groups is the result of looking though a distorted prism, neither side being fully aware of the distortions that are coloring their view; this is not to suggest that there are not some individuals on both sides of this equation that are not cognizant of the true picture, but those that are linked to the Establishment are more than willing to  allow the distorted view to be presented as reality. Those individuals that oppose the Establishment view are trying to highlight some of the negative aspects of the Establishment’s actions, but frequently fall short of presenting the true picture, because they can’t believe that any American institution would threaten the Nation’s survival, and they also fear that any view that presented the suggestion that the end result would be to destroy the Nation, as most American perceive it, would be rejected as being totally inconceivable.
Given the reality of the actions that have taken place during the past seven years, it would behoove the electorate to consider the inconceivable, if there is any hope of preserving our unique form of governance.
 There’s an adage that’s employed by some smart planners, it goes something like this: “Plan and prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.” Some observers might suggest the Nation is doing its best to reject the inconceivable; this would be a big mistake for the continuance of our Nation as it was originally conceived by our Founders, its demise will lead to a dictatorship, that will be more oppressive than what we currently experiencing, and this prospect is not inconceivable, the alarm has been ringing, and it’s time to wake up and face reality.


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