For Your Consideration: Sleight of Hand Magic

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 The President is a master of the magician’s sleight of hand ability, and it would appear that most of his opponents are easily distracted by his moves, but this is in part due to the fact that he often has more than one objective with the actions he is taking, as a result he often wins even when it appears that he has lost.
This concept may be difficult to explain, but the recent actions taken by the President related to the Executive Orders (EO) that he has issued for gun control should help to illustrate what he is doing.
It’s important to keep certain facts in mind when evaluating the President’s actions, they include, in part, the following facts: His disdain for the Nation’s Constitution; the intent to concentrate the power of the government in the Executive Branch of the government; and the desire to expand the Federal government’s bureaucracy, and consequently its various agencies, just about all of his actions have, in one way or another, contributed to these three areas.
The President is opposed to the Second Amendment of the Constitution, but realizes that it’s impossible to remove guns form every citizen at this point, but he is setting the stage for this action to take place at some point in the future, this can be seen if one were to pay attention to some of the langue that is used to suggest that guns should be taken away from certain classes of people, and that class would be defined by the Federal government, an example of this might be the classification of people that  are opposed to the actions of the Federal government are either subversives or terrorist.
If one thinks that this position is too much of a stretch, then it’s recommended that the actions that the IRS took to prevent some Tea Party groups from acquiring a nonprofit status, but that was not the only bureaucratic agency to apply undue pressure on groups that were opposed to the President’s actions.
Many of the EO’s that the President has made have changed legislation that Congress has passed, which is an action that goes beyond the scope of the President’s EO’s, this does not concern the President because he realizes that it’s going to take time for these illegal actions to work through the judicial system, and there is always the possibility that the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in favor of the President, given some of the Court’s past readings. The U.S. Supreme Court has become a political institution that does not comply with the basic principles of the Nation’s Constitution.
The fact that the President’s actions would have been considered inconceivable in the past, is a clear indication that our leaders have been ignoring the infractions that have been going on for generations, and with the complete lack of instruction of the citizenry related to the meaning of our Constitution, and with the massive input of immigrants that show little desire to be assimilated into our culture is creating an environment that will ensure the Nation’s Constitution will be made irrelevant.
It’s time to end the President’s prestidigitation, and get back to the basic principles in the document that has given its citizens more freedom than any other nation on the face of the Earth, and the only way this can be accomplished is to elect a President that intends to be guided by our Constitution, and that is not necessarily a Republican, because the Republican Party has shown that it’s more important for the Party retains its power, and that’s the problem, they are  failing to enhance the power of the individual.
There may be only two candidates in the Republican Party that fit the bill for what we need in 2016 --- pay attention to what the candidates are saying, are they talking about giving the individual their freedom back or are they talking about taking the power back for the Republican Party, for the most part it’s getting power back for the Party or the individual that is seeking the Presidency.


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