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One can’t help noticing the bewilderment shown by a large portion of the population when viewing the economic mess that the country is in, but our condition is due to the lack of understanding that many citizens have related to the economy, much of this is the result of government’s manipulation of the public’s emotions by suggesting that it’s out to improve our living conditions. It may help to take an objective look at some of the tactics that many of our citizens fall for, and to state some truths of what really happens when we buy into the government’s rhetoric.
Let’s start with something that is frequently employed by the government, and that is the concept of a fair wage, or the same wage for the same job. We’ll keep this simple and use the example of a ditch digger. Let’s say that we have two ditch diggers, they both get the same instructions related to the depth, width, and length of the ditch that they are supposed to dig, the equipment, and soil conditions are identical in every respect. Ditch digger number one finishes his/her ditch in one hour, and meets all the specifications of the plan provided to him/her, with no supervision. Ditch digger number two does the same job in five hours and requires frequent supervision to meet the specifications of the plan. Both ditch diggers have provided a ditch that meets specifications, but ditch digger number two required four additional hours, and additional supervisory time that could have been applied to other tasks. Let’s put the ditch diggers’ wage at fifteen dollars an hour, this would mean that ditch digger number one would get fifteen dollars for his/her work, but ditch digger number two would receive seventy-five dollars, but to get the true cost of the ditch one would have to add the supervisor’s time at his wage scale to the final cost, we’ll add an additional twenty dollars to the ditch, which will push the cost of the second ditch up to ninety-five dollars. This means that the final cost of the job will be one hundred and ten dollars, and that cost has to be reflected in the customer’s bill. Now let’s take two companies that are providing the same service, we’ll use the example just described as company A, while company B has two ditch diggers that are comparable to ditch digger number one, which means that company B can provide the same service for thirty dollars. How long do you think company A is going to be able to stay in business?
The principles that were applied in this example can be employed in a wide variety of positions, it’s not the job description, sex, race, educational degrees, or titles that make a difference, but the quantity and quality of work that should be the determining factor.
Other factors that are being suggested by the government will only lead to a sluggish run of the mill economic environment, and when one introduces some of the practices of unions into the mix, it reduces the Nation’s ability to compete even more on the world stage economically, this makes a good case for reducing the size of government, because our government has all of the shortcomings of the private sector, plus a few of its own, in spades.
If the electorate were to put some time into evaluating the actions that the government, at all levels, they would find that government’s intent is to increase the revenue taken in, which goes into
growing the government at all levels, and extends its intrusion into more aspects of our lives, but its actions are always presented as making our lives better.
An individual that would buy this rhetoric would be showing a level of gullibility that’s on a level of pure stupidity, when all the results clearly show that it’s only the Establishment that is deriving any benefit from the actions the government has taken.
The country is on the verge of becoming a pure dictatorship, and the next election will be critical in determining the Nation’s future course.
Some pundits have suggested that the only thing that is required is to elect a Republican President, that’s Establishment talk, every elected representative at all levels of government is important, we don’t need any more Establishment thinking representatives, we need representatives that will give the individual back their freedom to make their own determination as to the position they wish to attain, given their abilities.
This will also require the individual to stay involved and make sure that the system does not slip back into the rut the Establishment has created over the past centuries.


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