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If you have been following the candidates since the beginning, you may have noticed that there is one candidate that the media Establishment has made an unflinching effort to either ignore or find fault with, but this column does not promote or advocate any candidates, so no name will be given, what is being presented is just an interpretation of events.
It must be emphasized that the Establishment media encompasses all media that is deriving an income from the transmission of news, including columnists and talk-show hosts, there is probably a small portion of the media that does not fall into the Establishment category, but a prudent recipient of the information should treat all media as if it is part of the Establishment, the same could be said about the polls that are taken by various groups, they don’t mean a thing until the votes are cast, but they do tend to influence the average voter.
There is one candidate on the Republican ticket that has frequently been dropped from the list of candidates, or when the candidates name comes up the discussion is diverted to another subject, one may overlook this if it occurred once or twice, but not with the frequency that it occurs. The candidate is rated high in likeability, trustworthiness, and intelligence, but the Establishment has managed to convince many people that these qualities are not what is needed in a President.
There is only one candidate that is given credit for not taking money from special interest groups, but the fact that this other candidate only takes money from the average citizen, and has a limit on the amount that is not so high that one would consider it to be enough to influence the candidate’s position on any subject.
One candidate is given credit for making his mark in the private sector, and not being a part of the Establishment, but the other candidate is seldom given credit in the same fashion for what was accomplished in the candidates private sector field, and without any assistance from the Establishment.
These incorrect statements are never pointed out by the pundits in the media, but are repeated continually by those in the Establishment, and it would appear that most of them are being accepted by a large portion of the population.
Given recent developments it would appear the Establishment may find one of these two candidates more acceptable than it originally thought, has it come to the realization that this candidate has just found a different way of presenting the candidate’s position that appears to represent the frustrations of the general public?
It would appear that the other candidate is too humble to point out the false statements, and the pundits are lacking in any integrity to correct the falsehoods.
Every candidate says that they are running for the Presidency to help the country, but one should question their sincerity when they will stoop to any level to gain the position they are seeking, and most have shown that it’s more about them than it’s about getting the country out of the mess that we are in, it’s hard to avoid getting the impression that there are more candidates that are running to acquire power, and not to reestablish the basic principles of our constitution.
Giving up anymore of these basic principles, than we already have, will move the Nation closer to a total dictatorship; if you care for your freedom acquaint yourself with the basic principles that are intended to be the basic structure of our Constitution, and don’t be distracted by the misuse of the wording that many use to destroy the real intent of the Constitution, the principles cannot be distorted.
One can only implore the electorate to take a closer look at the candidates, without using the prism provided by the Establishment, if the voter is successful they just might find the one candidate that the Establishment fears.


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