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The President intends to send three-thousand troops to West Africa to combat the Ebola virus, this statement may be the result of an overactive writer’s imagination, but it’s hard to picture our military having the ability to fight this virus. 
It may be possible to collect three-thousand personnel that have been trained to cope with viruses that have a high mortality rate and that require strict isolation protocols, that have been employed by the health professionals that are serving the population at this time, and yet four of these individuals have been infected with the Ebola virus, and yet the President is going to send 3,000 military troops to aid in the care and management of some of these hospitals that are inundated with active cases of Ebola.
It is still not clear how these healthcare workers became infected with the virus, but the government is assuring the public that it has everything under control; these assurances are becoming exceedingly difficult to accept. Mr. President, the military’s function is to protect the country, not to put itself in harm’s way to solve health problems for other nations, it’s true that the military has acted as ambassadors to third world nations by taking healthcare providers from around the world to nations that needed basic assistance, but this did not include nations that were being ravaged by viruses that had a high mortality rate.
One gets a little tired of the lip service our political leaders give to the military, but seldom following through with any real reforms that show a real appreciation, but the very same politicians have no problem making sure that they get benefits that go far beyond what all other classes of people receive, yes we are developing a class system, but that system has nothing to do with the contributions that are being made by the various classes.
The term GI is used frequently, but it would appear that a good portion of the population has forgotten the meaning of this term - - - Government Issue. It would seem that the President is going to expand the meaning of the term, by assigning military personnel to a function not assigned to it, but he made that intent clear recently when he addressed graduates of one of the services graduation ceremonies. Not much was said about the expansion of the services that were to be performed by the military, and that lack of concern over the President’s recent proposal to send 3,000 military men to West Africa was not met with any objections.
A great big thank you needs to go out to all our politicians, the media, and the general public, for the support that they give to the military.
The President has addressed this issue with a lackadaisical attitude that he has addressed most of the programs that he has initiated. It would be nice to know just what these military personnel will be doing, just how much interaction they are going to have with the indigenous population, including the infected patients.  Even more important, what protocol will be initiated if any military should contract the Ebola virus, and what will be the patient limit of the facilities setup to care for infected personnel?  Knowing this government, it’s highly likely that all we will receive is assurances that all aspects have been evaluated and contingency plans for quarantining personnel are in place for all eventual outcomes, but it’s doubtful that any real protective protocol planning will go into this deployment of our troops. There are too many variables that are in continual flux for any branch of our government to address with any kind of assurance, but the President will still deploy the military, and it is doubtful that there will be any major objections coming from Congress, that is unless the electorate burns up the phone lines to their representatives.


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