For Your Consideration: Ebola Killing Obama

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No, the Ebola virus is not killing the President, but there is a good possibility that it will kill many of the President’s plans, especially with respect to closing the Nation’s borders. It is doubtful that this latest miscalculation by the President will be overlooked by a majority of the public.
One can feel fairly certain that there will be many citizens that still have their heads buried in the sand, and if they do, then it is certain that there is no hope for those individuals. This is a prime example of what the Administration and its various agencies have been doing with every catastrophe they have created over the time this administration has been in power, this is just one ore disaster that the government will use to increase the size of government and ask for more money that we don’t have. Now is the time to sharpen your analytical skills and applying them to the rhetoric that the Administration and its agencies have been spewing out in regard to Ebola.
The President is going to find that it is not going to be easy to divert the individual’s attention away from the Ebola virus as it has been doing for other problems that this administration has created, because any new cases that pop up will increase the potential that this virus could show up anywhere and impact anyone. If these new cases come up in various parts of the nation without having any clear connection with previous cases, the concerns within the public will increase, and this mess will fall at the President’s feet, because of his lack of planning related to the methods for addressing this problem.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC), which should have had a clear understanding of what would be required if the country experience an outbreak, and the limitations of our medical facilities to address patients’ needs. The CDC has four centers that are equipped to address the Ebola virus, and even these hospitals have a very small capacity to care for this type of disease.
The other area that the government has failed to plan for adequately is the interning of individuals that may have contracted the Ebola virus. Another area closely associated with this is the ability to quarantine individuals that have had continuing contact with an individual that was infected with the Ebola virus, and to clean the environment that contained the infected individual and close associates, just consider the poor job the government has done with that family in Texas.  
The CDC has never come up with a clear explanation as to how many of the victims contracted the virus, nor is there a clear understanding at to the point where the virus becomes active, and yet the medical profession makes it sound like they really know what is happening, this virus is going to make many of our so-called experts will look very foolish before it is finished with us. This virus is going to show the populace just what many have been saying about the leadership that our government has been giving us for generations, but will it be enough to wake up our citizenry.
One should also note that the President’s intention to send 3,000 of our troops to West Africa to aid in the containment and suppression of this virus.  Hopefully he will delay this action until he has a better understanding of our ability or inability to cope with the virus if it should get out of control, but given the President’s attitude on previous problems, one is inclined to think that he will continue with his plan, regardless of its shortcomings.
Without creating a panic, the citizenry should be aware of the illogical statements being made by the administration, especially the CDC. These statements along with the government’s past track record should indicate that our society needs to be paying close attention to any developments related to the Ebola virus, because there are too many unknowns related to this virus for any agency or individual to speak with any kind surety. Let’s hope that the concerns expressed here are found to be unwarranted.  


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