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It would seem that there are a lot of people that are under the impression that if the Republicans take control of the Senate the President will not be able to accomplish anything for the remainder of his term.  Just what on God’s green Earth would lead anyone to come to that conclusion? The acceptance of this position can only highlight the fact the educational system has failed to teach its charges how to think critically. One cannot ignore facts and expect to come up with a rational conclusion, but this shortcoming in our thinking is just what the President is counting on.
Let’s take a look at some of the facts. Fact one, the President has ignored laws when they tended to impede his stated goal of “fundamentally transforming” the Nation, a position that many Americans failed to interpret correctly. It was assumed that there would be an elimination of Party politics, one could say that he is fulfilling this image, but not in the way that the electorate was picturing it. It would appear that his intent was to have only one party, and that would be the Democratic party, with the President at the head of the party, just about everything that he has done has contributed to making this a fact.
Fact two, the President has made it clear that he does not agree with the basic principles that are were designed to give the individual as much control over his/her destiny as possible, and to limit the control of government over our lives. If a person is being honest with themselves, they would have to admit that there are very few aspects of an individual’s life that are not impacted by the government, in one way or another.
Fact three, the President has been making moves that are, little by little, lessening the sovereignty of the states, and transferring their power to the Federal government, and regretfully this is being aided by the Republican Party at the Federal level. Even at the state level where Republicans have control there is little resistance to the efforts of the Federal government. The states may be reluctant to stand up to the Federal government, because they are use to receiving money or aid from the Federal government, which is another sign that our system has become corrupted.
Fact four is related to the outcomes resulting from programs or actions that the President has taken since he entered office. Most of his actions have led to an increase in manpower in the Federal government, and along with that an increase in the nation’s deficit. Don’t believe the government when it says that we are a rich nation, we have more debt than most other nations, this statement uses the same technique that the government uses when it wants the public to think that our economy is doing just fine. For every dollar that comes in to support a new program, at least eighty cents goes to the agency for the management of the program, only twenty cents goes into the service.
Fact five is related to the President’s ability to diminish the standing of many of our institutions at home and around the world, causing many nations to question their relationship with the United States. The major problem here is what he is doing to the military, by having it carry out functions with no real expectation of completing its mission in an effective and efficient manner.
This is evident with the current air mission in Iraq; no military tactician would conduct a mission the way this is being conducted, if the aim was to destroy ISIS, but it should be clear that these actions are not designed to destroy ISIS, or for that matter even to contain it.  
There are many elements within these five groups that could be highlighted and expanded upon. If the individual does not want to lose their liberty they had better pay more attention to what the government is doing to the individual’s and their freedom.


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