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The stew is being mixed incorrectly and it’s beginning to go bad, because we are not paying any attention to the way we are adding ingredients, or the type of ingredients that are being placed in the pot.
The Nation since its founding had a generalized view of what it was becoming, with its common langue, English, and a wide range of ethnic groups, each having their own culture becoming a part of the new nation.
There were also variety racial groups; some of these groups have taken longer to integrate into the broth, due primarily to the fact that there is a physical difference that suggest that these individuals are different, and the human species has still not gotten to the point of looking past these differences to see the individual.
Even if there were no racial difference, the species would develop some other standard to segregate individuals into groups. This human behavior can create a dysfunctional culture if there are too many groups with extreme views.  This is what we seem to be developing in our culture, and in some areas it is being prompted by the government and by the competing groups, as a means of gaining control over a group and consequently gaining political power.
These conditions are developing in our country as a result of too many ethnic and racial groups being introduced into the country faster than our culture can amalgamate them to give the mixture a harmonious blend. If the government is aware of this potential danger, it does not appear to want to control the problem, in fact there is every indication that it is encouraging the condition, this statement is not restricted to the present administration, and it applies to each political party, multinational corporations, and special interest groups. 
This condition is just another element that is essential for those seeking power to negate the principles that our Founders inserted into our Constitution, these groups that are coming into the United States have no concept of our governing principles, they come from countries that have a constitution that is totally different than the one that governs us.  For those seeking power these new arrivals are ideal future voters, because they do not find anything unusual with the type of government that we are rapidly developing. To add to the lack of understanding of the basic principles that are in our Constitution, the Federal government has managed to insert itself into the educational system, which has over the generations managed to diminish the attention being paid to those principles found in our Constitution, and the only way this could be done is with the full agreement and compliance of the U.S. Congress.
It should be clear to any reasonably rational individual that our representatives are not concerned with their responsibility to follow the principles that they took an oath to protect; the only thing they want to protect is their cushy positions.  As long as the electorate remains ignorant to the fact that they are being manipulated by their representatives, the condition of the Nation will continue to worsen, at some point the condition will be irreversible, and it would require a revolution to reestablish what has been lost.
There is still time to correct the current condition, but it is going to require educating the electorate as to the means being utilized by their representative to manipulate them into accepting the serfdom that they are being guided into, unknowingly.
Some preliminary information that may add the electorate in making their decision on who to vote for: If the representative’s rhetoric is full of emotive terms, put that down as a negative; if the candidate talks mostly about his or her opponent’s flaws,  and does not give his or her position on the subject, count that as a negative; if the candidate avoids talking about a critical issue, that’s a negative; when a candidate always fails to give a solution to a problem, or fails to give some general principles that will guide them in the decision making, count that candidate out, happy hunting.


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