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The pundits and the politicians of both political parties are going to do their best to spin the outcome to support their positions, but many of their assessments are going to be incorrect, because they are basing their views from within the bubble that most of these groups travel in. It should be clear that these groups are missing the fact that a good percentage of the electorate are dissatisfied with both political parties, but neither of the parties are willing to acknowledge this fact. It’s safe to say that there is a large portion of the electorate that doesn’t have a clear understanding of why they are dissatisfied with both political parties.  Let’s look at some factors that may not be receiving enough attention, one prominent reason may be due to the fact that the parties are perceived as being more concerned with catering to special interest groups and big businesses that contribute to their political campaigns with large sums of money or votes. The special interest groups are beginning to realize that they are not getting all that was promised to them, and the large multinational corporations are also finding that they are not getting much of what they wanted, but these groups don’t perceive any other option open to them other than to participate in this unfruitful exercise.
There is something else that is starting to come to the forefront, and that is the cultural ethos that is unique to the United States, and that is the fact that the individual should not be blocked from seeking the “American Dream”, and that is defined by the individual, not by some political party.  This aspect has been subverted and defused over the centuries by both political parties, but the ethos of this aspect continues to survive within our culture, in spite of the politician’s efforts to eliminate it from our culture, fortunately there is a movement to educate the electorate as to the intent of our Founders, this is where the future of the country lies, but it has been so distorted over the centuries that it’s going to be difficult to reestablish, as intended, any time soon.  A Constitutionalist Conservative, should not expect that our Founders’ principles can be reestablished within a generation or two, because there has been too much legislation put in place to block the reestablishment of the principles that are imbedded in our Constitution, but by continually pointing out these principles to the electorate, the electorate will come to the realization that their elected representatives are only acting to enhance their own political power, and not that of the individual.
The Democrats are interested in establishing a welfare state, while the Republicans are intent on aiding the multinational corporations, both parties are showing a complete lack of knowledge of economics, and are moving the country into a potential collapse of our economic system. The Federal Reserve has moved into a position that it does not know how to get out of, and yet it continues to apply the same principles that have failed to extract use from the mess we find ourselves in.
There appears to be a growing number of the electorates that have bought into the welfare state, that the Democrats have been selling over the past generations that are beginning to realize that their lot has not improved over time, as a matter of fact it has gotten worse.
The same holds true for the actions of the Republican Party, with its propensity to pick winners and losers by ignoring the principles of free enterprise, another aspect that is essentially imbedded in our Constitution, the original version, not the one that has been perverted by the politicians seeking power.
Listen closely to the pundits after this election and see how many move your attention to aspects that support the growth of either political party.
The electorate should use this exercise to find out how it is being manipulated by both political parties.
Let’s look for candidates that are concerned health of the country, rather than that of the Party.


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