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Will our Nation see a new form of Pravda? The meaning of Pravda in Russian is Truth and Justice, but the news paper was used by the Communist Party as a means of propaganda to advance the Party’s agenda, and it appears that is what our media, for the most part, is doing today. If we are to believe the reports that many of our Republican Congressional members have made after viewing the surveillance memos we are about to enter a new phase of Truth and Justice that is more in keeping with the meaning of the term.

The Communist Party has never given up on its intent to destroy our Constitution, because it’s a real threat to Communism. They don’t want the world to see what they could have if they applied our Constitution’s basic principles. It would be incorrect to suggest that it was just the Communist that were undermining our Constitution, the Party is getting a lot o help from many of the people that we elect to represent us, because most of them are more concerned with maintaining their power, and limiting the power of the individual.

The Congressional switchboard has been inundated with requests to release the memo that is supposed to shake the very foundation of our government. It remains to be seen if the truth will support the rhetoric being employed by these politicians. If the statements are true, then maybe it’s about time to clean house and get back to applying the principles in our Constitution, because it appears to many of us that we have gone astray in applying these principles.

It could be very instructive to revisit J. Edgar Hoover’s role as Director of the FBI, one of the most controversial Directors of the FBI, up to this point. 

He was a strong anti-Communist, but he was devising procedures that were not constitutionally acceptable. 

He collected information against people that wanted to limit his power; that climate appears very similar to what is occurring today, which is why there is a call to bring the memo out into the open.

The damage that can be done to an individual today is far greater, because we have the Internet and the various programs that allow us to communicate with others around theworld, and all this information is collected. Our government knows more about us than we know about ourselves; this may sound like an outlandish statement, but if you knew what the government can do with the programs that it has, you may be tempted to stop using electronic communication of all kinds, but that is almost impossible in these times.

The Nation needs a collection system to protect us, but that system should not be used to benefit or destroy a political Party, group, or individual. 

The oversight of these collection agencies needs to be very strict, and the individuals that work in them should be above reproach. 

Any infraction should call for immediate termination of the individual, and a removal of classes of classified information. 

The guidelines for how the information should be clear and concise. 

The release of any information should have requirements that show who asked for the information, and the justification given. 

It would appear that recent events are suggesting that many of these controls were not in place, 

that’s why it’s important to get out the intelligence surveillance memo out to the public. Welcome to U.S. style Pravda.


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