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In many respects the President gives the people a general idea of where he wants to go, but it’s never laid out in specifics, because he knows that he will have to make changes to get as close as he can to his objective, and he needs to leave the approach to the objectives open, so he can get closer to the objective when the opportunity presents itself.
President Trump’s to obtaining his goal is not the approach that politicians use, so they get bent out of shape when he presents his plan in a realistic way.
The general public also views the President’s actions in much the same way as the politicians, because that’s the way it has always been.
The difference is that Trump gets things done, but the politicians are constrained to their inflexible plan, and wind up with a system that does not work.
A good illustration of Trump’s approach is how he is working with Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Sometime in the past month he had assembled members of Congress from both Parties; the meeting was open to the press and the public.
He laid out about four items that he felt were essential for a bill to get his signature. Congress was supposed to come back to him when all the members of Congress came up with a Bill that they could live with. The fact that this would be the result of Congress as a whole was an important point.
A small bi-partisan group went to him and said that they had a plan that met all of his requirements, but they did not work with Congress as a whole, and their presentation did not come up to the requirements that he had said were important for him to sign the Bill.
As a result of the approach that a small group of individuals tried to present as an acceptable Bill, and many of the comments that have been made since the open meeting, he decided to come up with a proposal that he knew would not be accepted by both side, because it was too favorable to what the Left was saying they wanted.
This position would force the Parties to work on something more compatible to both sides, but the Left still was not for the new plan; with the total rejection of the plan that the President presented, the Left showed that they were not looking to resolve the DACA problem.
The President does need good advisers to let him know when his is misinterpreting what people are saying, like the comment on a clean DACA Bill; he interpreted that to mean that it would not have any attachments that were not related to the DACA Bill, which is the classic way many unpopular Bills get passed in Congress. Our politicians frequently pass unpopular Bills by adding attachments that cannot stand alone, creating twenty more problems in the system that will have to be addressed in the future.
The President will turn this latest presentation into something positive for his goal of addressing DACA in a positive way, and the Left is not going to like it.
Many people continually underestimate this man’s ability to get what is needed, in some very unorthodox ways.


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