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Sometimes events come together that causes one to question if there is something happening that falls outside of what is called rational thinking. On February the 2nd the President authorized the release of the security memo to the public, and the Dow Jones Industrials (DJI) closed at 666, which is a sign that signify Lucifer.

When one considers the actions of our security agencies and the makeup of the corporations that constitute the Dow thirty stocks, it may lead some people to consider these facts in a manner that some people would view as irrational, but is it?

There are rational explanations for showing concern over the actions taken by some members of our security agencies, and this memo is only cover one aspect of the misuse of the power given them to protect the Nation.

The resent memo was only addressing the question of how a warrant was attained from the Court. There are many more infractions by the security agencies that are going to receive a review. It is reasonable to expect some major changes in how our security agencies function.

The fall in the stock-market was attributed to the concerns of the Federal Reserve’s expectations of reach a five percent growth during the first quarter, and a strong possibility of raising inters-rates. This fall can also be attributed to program trading that can also incorporate some of the Federal Reserve’s thinking.

It’s important to know that these indexes are not models that we should depend upon to give us a good example of what our economy is really like, but we still tend to use them as an indication of our economy.

The actions of our security agencies and of many of our large corporations are counter to the basic principles of our Constitution, and for this reason one may find the fact that the DJI closed down 666 points.

These institutions are undercutting the core of our Constitution, and this must be confronted if we are to survive as a Nation envisioned by our Founders, which calls for a limited government and maximum freedom for the individual.

Consider all the actions that have been taken for at least the past three or four generations and the direction that these actions have been taking us to. It would be hard tore the electorate to suggest that we are moving in a direction that is in line with the paradigm that our Founders envisioned. The Nation may be moving in a new direction that will bring us closer to the intent of our Founder, but it’s going to take a lot of hard work and a long time to get to a point that we can really say that we are back on track.


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